Skyrim DLC Files Hint At Snow Elves And Crossbows

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  • ConfusionnaJob

    This mmorpg is not by zenimax or interplay, so therefore it’s some russian company or group claiming that they made a beta in 2009 that no longer works, but the company is working on something new..not the one by bethesda or zenimax OR interplay.. I know it’s not registered by any company’s just a bunch of amateurs.

  • Michael K

    There is currently a website claiming they are developing an MMO that is based from FO1, FOT, And F0, All fallout games.. How do I report this?
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  • Kaylla

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  • Rassling Fundamentals

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  • Xbox360king

    Ok so skyrim won goty and bethesda is going to release a goty version, well more then likely because they do with all their other games that win it. Just wondering how long does it usually take them to release one? For pc if that matters. And if it is a long time is it worth waiting for?

  • Big Banger

    Bethesda Game Studios (hope I’m spelling that right) made the Creation Engine for Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. How long did it take for them to create the Creation Engine and how long afterwards to create Skyrim?

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