Skate 4 Is Not In Development According to EA

Despite a ray of hope, EA has said they are not currently developing Skate 4.

Here’s how this all began:

Daniel Lingen, a Community Manager for Electronic Arts, tweeting the following:


Surely that meant that Skate 4 is coming, right? Well, not so fast.


The news comes after EA held their financial call yesterday. The story is also confirmed by Eurogamer.

The small, but passionate fan base for the Skate franchise wasn’t too happy with the news; all of their excitement seems to have been for naught. But hey, Duke Nukem Forever released, so maybe one day we’ll see Skate 4 release alongside Half Life 2: Episode 3? One can dream, right?

Skate 3, the most recent entry in the franchise, released back in 2010. It’s possible the skateboarding genre has run its course by now; Tony Hawk has been forgettable for over a decade it feels like, including the absolutely terrible Pro Skater 5 that came out in 2015. Perhaps, though, if Skate becomes popular enough via Backwards Compatibility, the franchise may make its return.

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