The Silver Case HD Now Available on PS4

The first mainstream game by Japanese auteur Suda51, The Silver Case, is now available on PlayStation 4 this week.

The original version of the game released on the PlayStation in 1999 in Japan and was about a detective agency investigating a string of murders that become increasingly bizarre and brutal. The gameplay was an odd mix of old point-and-click adventure games and light puzzles with a lot of the plot expressed through descriptive text, dialogue, and even snippets of live-action footage.

Until last year, the game never saw an official English translation or was released outside of Japan. But thanks to a nine-year long development, Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture published an HD remake of the game on Steam and GoG.

Now it seems that The Silver Case is reaching out to confuse and engage players on consoles since it has come to the PlayStation 4 in a surprise release priced at $29.99.

It is definitely a trip worth taking just on the shear cult following Suda51 has garnered with his unconventional games. His hits include the audacious and satirical No More Heroes on the Wii which focused on a nerd-culture obsessed man murdering people with a laser sword, and the more recent free-to-play dungeon-crawler RPG Let It Die. The game was also on my list of offbeat games you should check out that released in 2016, and now this game is within the grasp of console purists.

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