Signal Studios Ascend: New Gods To Be Free To Play

Signal Studios has announced that their upcoming action RPG, Ascend: New Gods, will be one of the first free to play games released on Xbox Live.

Like many other free to play models, consumers will have access to a majority of the games features allowing players to experience the game before committing to any purchases. Players will be able to play and earn in game currency, Ascend: New Gods‘ in game currency is called “souls” which players can spend on unique items, abilities, upgrades, and character customization.

Players will also have the ability to purchase “souls” outside of the game using Microsoft Points. Adding even more value to Ascend: New Gods, players will be rewarded with fresh content that will be delivered in game by the developers.

D.R. Albright, President and Creative Director of Signal Studios had this to say about the new technology they will be using to deliver the content.

“We want to create a game that delivers an experience beyond what people generally expect from free-to-play titles. “Our business model is integrated into the game play in a very elegant way. There’s no begging or distracting pop-ups. Players can get through Ascend without spending a dime, but if they want to purchase items to augment their experience, we make it easy for them to do so. If they choose not to, that’s fine too.”

Signal Studios Ascend: New Gods will be a third-person action RPG that offers many different ways to play including multi-platform connectivity, a parallel multi-player system, and will offer support for Xbox SmartGlass technology. Signal Studios is also known for their previous work on the Toy Soldiers franchise.

Ben Grow, Executive Producer for Ascend: New Gods, added “Ascend leverages our proprietary dynamic content system to deliver on-the-fly updates, by taking advantage of this system, we’ll be able to quickly make adjustments to the game to meet the demands of both the single-player story and the multi-player experience. This will allow us to push new content and game-play updates directly to players without the wait normally associated with console title updates.”

Ascend: New Gods is currently scheduled to be released in early 2013 on Xbox Live.

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