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  • TommyKay

    I’m doing a survey for one of my classes, and I needed some opinions.
    Which small action, do you believe, can lead to the greater good?

  • unbleevable39

    I’m a retail employee. I was watching a customer and watched them shoplift an item from the store. I waited for the person to leave the store before I confronted them. Once outside the store I asked the person if he/she would like to pay for the item and when he/she denied taking anything, I asked if I could check his/her bags. I touched his/her flowers completely forgetting that it’s a no-no to touch a customers belongings. Is the person able to take legal action against me for touching his/her belongings or defamation? Can he/she claim defamation/humiliation due to the conversation being overheard? I did not mention the term “steal” or any words relating to it. She also came into the pharmacy to completely empty her bags on to the counter and he/she was throwing it all over the place so some items I had to stop from dropping on the ground etc. She was also very upset and crying. In the end I was unable to see the shoplifted item and she left the store.

  • Victoria T

    How much money is the average price, and what is action replay? Where can i get it? I want to use it for my Pokemon Pearl in my DS Lite. If i use it, can it corrupt my game? (in other words, will it mess up and/or delete my game?

  • nathan

    The action on my les Paul has been good, expect the low E string has been buzzing a lot. I want to raise the action on that string without changing any of the others, is there a way to do that?

  • ConfusionnaJob

    What is the best course of action to become a successful plastic surgeon?
    When I say course of action I mean schools and degrees to have. Also, where do I have to work as a surgeon before I can run a successful private practice. I heard somewhere that it is a good idea to work at plastic surgery firm in a hospital until I am a resident there. My ultimate goal would to run a private practice in a place like Miami, LA or NYC. Is this a good idea financially? Please help, I am very confused.