Shovel Knight Coming to Nintendo Switch

The creators of Shovel Knight aren’t slowing down. In a big update on their official website, Yacht Club Games made several announcements about its critically acclaimed platformer; the biggest being it would be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

In a rather roundabout way, Yacht Club Games made a series of announcements. The first was that the blue burrower’s adventure, along with its DLC campaigns where you can play as certain boss characters, would all be coming to Nintendo’s brand new console-handheld hybrid, Nintendo Switch. Rather than just say that, though, they re-titled the game Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

This leads to the next big announcement that the game will be getting some price changes. The reason for the new subtitle to the game is that the current version will now be treated as a bundle with the original adventure, now given the subtitle Shovel of Hope, and the boss character campaigns Plague of Shadows and Specter of Torment will be treated as separate games with overall lower prices. The upcoming expansion where you play as King Knight and the 4-player Battle Mode will be sold separately in a similar fashion.

To reflect this change, the Treasure Trove edition of the game will be getting a higher price this Spring. Yacht Club Games reiterates that if you own the game now, all of these pieces of content will still be coming to you for free. Breaking down the content of Shovel Knight into smaller packages was merely done as a way for customers to pick and choose how much financial investment they want into their experience, and it’s a method that is understandable.

Finally, the Co-Op mode that was only available on Wii U via amiibo support is coming to other platforms. Despite the feature being well-implemented, it was dependent on players having a collectible that was difficult to find. With the exception of the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, Co-Op mode will be coming as a free update to the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. No official release date for this update has been given, but stay tuned for future updates on that front.

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