Shock Horror: Bully and Manhunt Carve Their Way Onto PS4

Two controversial classics from Rockstar’s golden age: Bully and Manhunt, make their way onto PS4 as part of the expanding PlayStation 2 classics range. 

Each game is priced at £11.99, and crept onto the PSN store without much press – much the opposite of when they were originally released a decade ago. With trophy support and a much-needed up-rendering to 1080P, both games will fill out the humble offering of PS2 classics currently available. They also support remote play, share play and support for using the PS Vita or the PS App as a second screen.

Neither of the two games are available on the US PlayStation store yet, a strange -or perhaps loyal- move from Rockstar; showing some love to its home shores. It will no doubt make its way across the pond before long.

It has been a decade since the original release of Bully, or Canis Canem Edit, as it is still known in the UK – a souvenir from the undeserved controversy that dogged the game before many had a chance to play it – and the re-release will give new audiences a chance to experience this genuine Rockstar Gem. Manhunt was released in 2003, and was the poster child for new-millennium video game violence concern, the game was highly controversial; but beneath the hype and outrage was a very solid and rewarding stealth game set in a gritty and excellently realized mock-up of downtown Detroit in its “Carcer City.” Both games have Rockstar’s trademark wit and charm, and they are both deserving of PS2 classic status.

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