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This month we are featuring dirty little secret confessions from our staff here at The Game Fanatics. We all have done something shady, sneaky and totally messed to get our way in a video game. Make sure you take the time and go through all of the “No Shame November” articles from the TGF staff this month. You will be surprised what your favorite member of the staff has done.

8-Bit Brit’s Confession:

Before I was 8-Bit Brit, I was known as Tiger. Viva La Tig3r or better yet, or Tigerlily. I was a part of an all women clan, not going to say names of course but I am sure the first all female clan that comes to your head is the right one. Any who, I was a practice captain for the Xbox MW2 Division for some time, and I really enjoyed it. I loved making up games on the maps to utilize all aspects of the game. I created games like “Duck Hunt” where we had certain people snipe from certain places on the map while other people ran around like crazy on the other side… it was good sniper practice. “Red Light, Green Light” was another favorite because the girls in practice would be running towards a turret and had to stop when Red Light was said, and there was much trickery and shooting of the turret going on to players who didn’t listen properly. This was a listening exercise. Many failed. I was always told that I had the best practices and knew the best ways to teach the girls how to play the game.

My ultimate favorite and probably the dirties was “Grenade Practice”. I would teach the girls how to pick up grenades and throw them back with limited ammunition and time. Usually, the girls that annoyed me the most, the ones that hated each other, talked smack against each other or I just didn’t like got put head to head on a showdown. Sometimes, I rigged it so there was no way they would win with how many people were in the practice or I just blatantly would watch them blow up and decided to change game types and move on to something else. It would really frustrate the girls. =)

Hey, I didn’t say it was an epic confession or the funniest, but definitely one of my dirtiest. You think you have something better or funnier? I want to read it! Share it in comments below!

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