CES 2012: Sennheiser's Wireless Headphone Masterpiece

Sennheiser have officially launched their new high-end wireless headphones, which they claim are just as brilliant as the other high-performance wired type.

The Sennheiser RS 220 is promising full detailed sound, without the constriction of a wire. Cabled headphones are known to have far better audio quality than their wireless counterparts, but these are set to change that.

Now for the jargon. Dynamic transducers with neodymium magnets make sure that the audio is clear, with a frequency response of 19 to 21,000 hertz. The transmitter in the RS 220 sends the audio signals via a stable 2.4 GHz connection, using the ‘Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum’ technique. Axel Grell, Senior Acoustical Engineer at Sennheiser explains,

‘This is a frequency spreading process in which the output signal is spread to a width of 22 MHz by means of a specified bit sequence. If interference occurs at one point within this frequency range, the output signal experiences no interference as the data is transmitted with redundancy, in other words several times. As a result, only a minimal and inaudible part of the whole information is affected and the overall sound quality is not influenced.’

If that’s a different language for you, it basically means that they’re awesome.

The headphones boast an analogue, a coaxial digital, and an optical digital input. So it’s all up to you to decide on the type of audio signal you want to be fed in. You can easily switch between the audio sources through the sensor buttons on the transmitter, or directly on the headphones.

As you have probably already guessed, they’re not exactly cheap. The Sennheiser RS 220 headphones will set you back around $599.95, but if you’re looking for a superb set of wireless headphones – it seems like you won’t go wrong with these. You can treat your ears to some ridiculously high quality audio in late January when they are available for purchase.


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