WATCH: Reveal Trailer For EA Original A Way Out

While E3 still hasn’t officially began, EA held their EA Play event in Hollywood this afternoon where they revealed a trailer for a new game called A Way Out.

The latest trailer shown above was unveiled by the creative director of the game, Josef Fares, and his new studio Hazelight. The game is a cooperative experience with two prisoners helping each other escape from jail. The game can be played solo but Josef Fares kept insisting during the presentation that the game is best experienced in splitscreen co-op.

If that sounds familiar it is because Josef was also the creative mind behind another indie project with a co-op focus: Brothers A Tale of Two Sons. It was critically acclaimed at release for being an emotionally gripping experience of family, loss and grief told with no dialogue and inventive puzzles that never repeated themselves. Considering that Brothers’ tone was that of a dark fairytale and A Way Out seems to be a more grounded adventure in the vein of The Shawshank Redemption or The Defiant Ones.

This is also the second game that is being published as part of EA Originals, a concerted effort by the publisher to promote and support smaller, independent video game projects.

A Way Out is slated for release in early 2018.



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