Samsung Thinks Highly of Mobile Gaming’s Future

Playing graphically-enhanced games on mobile phones sounds sweet, but is it really possible? Samsung, one of the biggest providers of mobile smart phones, thinks so. According to them, there’s a high likelihood of console-level games being operable on their products by 2020.

At the Samsung Developer Conference held in San Francisco, the company most known for their Galaxy S series stood in front of a myriad of game developers and publishers and pushed the possibility of their forthcoming Galaxy S models being able to run the same type of games that run on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Samsung also spoke positively about the prospective success of its VR products, citing an estimate of $63 billion increase in market value based on research published by TrendForce. This means that Samsung is beyond confident that the year 2020 will see each household harboring one or two VR systems around the world.


Also at the conference was Samsung team member Jonas Gustavsson (surprisingly not the same Gustavsson who plays as a goalie for the Boston Bruins), who talked up on the currently available Galaxy S7 as a device that was made for mobile gaming. GalaxyGameDev, a toolkit for game developers, was also said to be in the works as well as the possibility to broadcast streaming of games like Twitch and YouTube.

With it’s processing and graphical limitations higher than previous mobile models, it’ll be interesting to see how far Samsung can go with their products if they want to meet  and work with game developers in delivering top-notch games that have been long known to only appear on home consoles. For now, we can only wait to see how their predictions stack up as time rolls on.

For now, check out this sweet demo of Vulkan below, a title said to show off the technology of the Galaxy S7.

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