Rumored New Xbox Hardware Announcement Coming from E3

There are rumors that Microsoft could have new Xbox hardware shown at E3 this year. This would only make sense in light of the PlayStation Neo rumors over the past couple months.

Microsoft insider Brad Sams wrote on, saying that he expects to see new hardware and a new controller at E3. Citing Microsoft sources, Sams says the new controller will be similar in design to the current one, but will “likely come in a new color.”

Sams also says the company has a “much larger hardware related announcement” coming which he doesn’t have all the details on yet. There are rumors it could be a new Elite Xbox One console.

XBox One

What do you think of this rumor? The PlayStation Neo has already been hotly debated with many people being on different sides of the spectrum. It is difficult to toss whether supposed mid-console generation upgrades are actually a good business or consumer decision.

On the business side, it may harm developers who are still getting used to perfecting the current hardware on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For example, take a look at Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune compared to The Last of Us. There’s a huge leap there that is still clearly possible between the beginnings of the PlayStation 4 to the end of the PlayStation 4. The same goes for the Xbox One. Regardless, it is not entire likely that these console upgrades will even sell very well considering many people are just buying their first consoles this generation as prices slowly drop.


On the consumer side, we may be losing out if you already own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. You might be getting the short end of the stick with lower quality gaming experiences. Although, the games still might run fine on these older consoles.

Regardless, this may all be in vein if the console just ends up being an Elite upgrade with bigger hard drive space and a slimmer design, which won’t really affect much of anything. What do you think of this rumored announcement? Are you hoping it is an Xbox One upgrade similar to the Neo? Let us know in the comments below!

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