Rumor: Epic Mickey For 3DS?

  • ShadowXitra

    Hopefully this plays better than the last one.

  • Guitar.Freak

    Thanks for this!

  • Maricela Rothrock

    Hello I was pondering which video game would be better? I am 19 sooo I do need to have to be amused for long quantities of time and I want a quality game not 1 that I will be carried out with in 5 minutes. I can get epic mickey for $20 on amazon or monopoly st for $23. so which game must i acquire given that price is not a determining factor
    hey thanks for your opinion! and why would you pick that?

  • shahedC

    My mom bought it for me for my birthday and it is being shipped to our house. I was really excited about the game but I started to read some reviews. Some said the game was horrible! I am a 15 year old girl and I am not into extremely gorey games or any of that. My favorite game is kingdom hearts. Did you like Epic Mickey? Do you think I will?
    I got the collectors addition 😉

  • Jairo

    I know Epic Mickey is currently a Wii exclusive, but am wondering if Disney might eventually change their minds given the PS Move now out for the PS3 and its sales doing rather well.

    My kids really want this game, but I only have a PS3 (they each have a DS). i refuse to buy a stupid Wii for ONE friggin’ game!

  • Eric

    I am a new beginner of 3ds max . I make a room in 3ds max . Now I want to put some light in celling to decorate the room. Help pleasssse.

  • Chris R

    I was just wondering because the dsi has a nintendo points card for it and the 3ds has a cash card. So how does the cash card work for the 3ds? What’s the difference?

  • Scott W

    I want to get a ds for x-mas and i wasn’t sure if the 3DS has the same features as the 3DS .. or if the 3ds has 3d at the cost of losing some features ?

  • Moore, Ron

    For some reason, when I place a reference material on a plane in 3ds max 2010, it comes up fuzzy. I made the plane the exact height and width of the image, and it still comes out fuzzy. If anyone can point me to a very detailed tutorial or maybe some answers to why this is happening, it would be much appreciated. Thank-you!

  • Xbox Gamer

    I heard the friends list system on the 3DS is replacing pictochat and me and my cousin use pictochat all the time on our DSi’s but i pre ordered the 3DS and he didn’t.What can I do?

  • Maggie

    i got the game for Christmas and i have like 300 tickets what are they for?

  • apleaforbrandon

    More importantly, can either of these cards successfully run 3DS games? I’m leaning towards the original R4i because of the feature set (one click downloading!?), but it looks like the Gold can actually boot 3d games, is this right?

    Where can I buy one of these cards without getting a broken knock-off?

  • Maggie

    the price cut will lower the nintendo 3ds’ price to 170 dollars… but a used nintendo 3ds.. how much wuld a used one cost than? im thinking 120 dollars?

  • Echo

    If I’ve never used a DS will the backwards compatibility on the 3DS be satisfactory? I have heard and read that it doesn’t play regular DS games that well. Also for the 3DS or any DS model do I need to use the stylus or can I use my thumb or fingers? How strong is the touch screen?