[Rumor] A Life is Strange Prequel May Have Been Leaked

Life is Strange

When the story of Chloe and Rachel arrived to its end in Life is Strange, a lot of us felt a pang of sadness inside. Like one of those books so well written that you don’t want to see finish any time soon. For a lot of gamers, the game truly marked a milestone in narrative-driven games. So when its creators, Dontnod Entertainment, confirmed that a sequel was indeed coming, those low spirits were lifted right away.

Now it seems we may be getting yet another dose of Life is Strange in the future. News of a prequel to the game have appeared on the French website Gamekult. Allegedly, a leaked gallery on Imgur is currently showing screenshots and concept art from that prequel.  

If these were to be true, they would be confirming that Square Enix has decided to partner up with Deck Nine Games (formerly known as Idol minds) to produce another chapter of the series. A prospect we cannot but honestly cherish. 

Life is Strange
One of the images leaked.

Life is Strange at the E3?

The rumor is gathering strength somehow with a more official announcement that happened just yesterday. Deck Nine Games announced that they will be at E3 2017, revealing their new game. This is said to be a “critically acclaimed franchise” from a “leading AAA video game publisher” (Square Enix, anyone?). Their next title would show their change of focus into narrative-driven games. Quite a change of pace if we compare that possibility with their action-packed creation Pain, which made them famous back in 2007.

E3 2017 is just around the corner so fortunately we won’t be waiting for long. Would you like to see a prequel to Life is Strange, Fanatics? Let us know in the comment section!

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