Watch: Dark Corners Of A Cyberpunk City in Ruiner Trailer

Devolver Digital can’t stop delivering intriguing titles, and Ruiner certainly belongs to that group, coming this summer with a story-driven game that’ll take players into the brutal cyberpunk city of Rengkok. Developed by Reikon Games, Ruiner is set to release on PS4, Xbox One and Pc.

The perfect future is not here, but in 2091, on a city where the powerful escape the world’s darkness while dreams stay buried deep in Rengkok’s streets. Your task is to uncover the city’s filth and expose it, but it will take skill and keen reflexes to take down what stands in your way. It’s gonna get messy, but luckily this wired sociopath has some hidden skills. Dash, slash, or charge with your energy shield at any threat with a futuristic arsenal that’s both friend and foe to you.Ruiner - we were never friends

You get a chance to turn things around with the help of a mysterious hacker, guiding you to Heaven’s secrets and pointing those targets that might hide something worth checking: making you a killer, perhaps even a tool, but a driven one. This mysterious protagonist honors the anime genre that this game boasts, part machine and with a mask-screen that communicates through images. And you’re not the only one. This dystopia’s packed with obscure individuals that roam the virtual-infused society, from low-life scrounges, to cyborg minotaurs created to secure those with power in Rengkok.

When you get a feeling that makes you recall Hotline Miami and Hyper Light Drifter, you know a game’s going to be a challenge. Sharpen your senses in time for Ruiner, but until summer arrives, visit the official website to know more about this dark cybernetic story.


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