Roccat Renga Headset Promises To Deliver a Premium Experience to Gamers

Roccat Renga

In a sea of audio peripherals designed for the audio side of everyone’s gaming experience, it is more often than not hard to stick out from the rest and offer something genuinely exciting.

The Roccat Renga promises to do just that. The German peripherals manufacturer promises to deliver a ‘premium stereo audio experience’, thanks to a combination of comfortable over-the-ear design and a reinforced structural housing as framework.

Among the other features, each ear cup sports a high-spec neodymium driver unit, with optimally aligned drivers to provide an ‘immersive and dynamic audio experience with crisp trebles and deep, powerful bass’.

Roccat Renga
The new Roccat Renga.

Possibly one of the most exciting characteristic of the Renga, however, is its staggering lightness; prolonged sessions can be painful with a heavy pair of headphones always on, but the reinforced skeletal frame of this headset provides not only comfort, but surprising compactness and robustness as well.

The ear cups are ventilated and the headband fits ergonomically above your head, while the plush cushions will keep your ears comfy, as if you were ‘not wearing a headset at all’.

In addition to that, the most used sound settings will be always at hand with the provided inline remote controls, for on-the-fly, no-look changes.

The Roccat Renga, compatible with PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One, PC and mobile devices, will be available in late February for $49.99.

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Headset boasts a premium audio experience with comfortable design

Hamburg, 14 January 2016 – Say hi to the Renga, the latest studio grade-stereo headset offering from German peripherals manufacturer ROCCAT. Complete with compatibility for PC, PlayStation®4, mobiles, tablets and more, it promises a premium stereo audio experience with its comfortable over-ear design built on a reinforced structural housing as its framework.

The Renga features high-spec 50mm neodymium driver units in each ear cup. The drivers are optimally aligned, providing an immersive and dynamic audio experience with crisp trebles and deep, powerful bass. The headset is designed on a reinforced skeletal frame which makes it low in weight and yet surprisingly robust. This provides the framework for a trio of comfort-providing extras, such as ventilated ear cups, an ergonomic headband and plush ear cushions. Suitable for countless hours of continued use, the Renga makes it feel like you’re not wearing a headset at all.

The inline remote control provides an easy-access overview for the most-used sound settings. This allows for on-the-fly, no-look control, enabling an intuitive gaming experience. The Renga’s crystal clear rotatable mic complements swapping easily between gaming and music playback. The premium over-ear headset experience is not just limited to the PC, however. Out of the box, the Renga’s outstanding sound is compatible with the PlayStation®4, Xbox One controllers with a 3.5mm headset jack, as well as mobiles and tablets.

“The Renga is the first of our newly-designed headsets built for just one use – the perfect stereo sound experience”, says René Korte, CEO and founder at ROCCAT. “Lightweight, robustly built and compatible with almost any device, the Renga is the everyday gaming headset that comes with an affordable price tag, without making compromises in quality.”

The ROCCAT Renga will be available in late February with a suggested retail price of 49,99 Euro/USD.

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