ROCCATs TYON Mouse Improves One Handed Gaming With Analog Functionality

ROCCAT have released their latest multi-function gaming mouse, the TYON. The purpose-built gaming peripheral follows the existing trend within gaming devices of featuring a sleek black design, with a sweat-proof coating to prevent slippage. Roccat TyonAnother feature also seen on competitors such as Razer and Corsair is a multi-chromatic lighting system, split between an illuminated scroll wheel and the mouse’s lower rim. The TYON also comes equipped with an enhanced 8200 DPI pro aim laser sensor, 16 programmable mouse buttons and a 32-bit processor with 576KB of onboard memory for macro storage.

However, the TYON does boast a few more interesting features. One is the Easy-Shift[+] function carried over from previous mice, which works as a modifier allowing players to assign two functions to each button. In the same way as using a shift key on a keyboard, holding down the Easy-Shift[+] button and using any of the mouse buttons will allow the player to execute a different function, in browser and media applications as well as while gaming.The dorsal fin is another new feature; placed just behind the scroll wheel, this protruding two-button fin supposedly provides a more intuitive usage position, and looks like it functions in a similar way to the ‘strum bar’ on a Guitar Hero controller (if you controlled it with your knuckles).

However, the major innovation being touted by ROCCAT is the X-Celerator. The X-Celerator is a six-axis analog paddle, billed by CEO Rene Korte as being the perfect solution of “throttling, sprinting [and] rotating tank turrets”. The stick sits on the left-hand-side of the mouse, and acts as a thumb paddle, in line with ROCCAT‘s focus on ergonomic design. The company claim that this new input method will revolutionize gaming for players who are tired of being “shackled to myriad keyboard commands”, and have apparently put in vast amounts of playtesting to ensure the optimum levels of comfort and functionality.

Check out the video below for ROCCAT’s Battlefield 4 demonstration with the TYON:

The ROCCAT TYON is available now through a number of retailers coming in at around $99.99/£84.99/€99.99

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