ROCCAT Cross Delivers All-in-One Headphone Solution


ROCCAT, the German manufacturer of gaming peripherals such as the ROCCAT Suora and the ROCCAT Renga have announced a new pair of headphones: the ROCCAT Cross, an over the ear gaming headset crafted specifically for gamers.

The headphones feature two swappable microphones, one to work for PC and another one to work for mobile and consoles. Weighing in at only 185 grams, the ROCCAT Cross is very light. The headset has been designed to be taken on the go. Its design is also aerodynaminc and is fitted to the natural shape and ergonomics of your ear. Despite this, design doesn’t mean much if the audio doesn’t match up. The ROCCAT Cross feature great audio quality; they are equipped with large 50mm neodymium magnet driver units, delivering studio grade stereo sound with deep bass that is perfect for gaming.

The headphones will be available in stores and online starting on December 8th and will sell for €/$69.99. They will work for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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