ROCCAT And Alienware Combine Forces

Today saw the joining of two of the biggest PC Gaming Peripheral makers in an exclusive partnership between ROCCAT and Alienware.

The two companies have had huge successes in the peripheral market, Alienware synonymous with their top end, high build quality compact gaming PC’s, and ROCCAT with their successful line of gaming mice and multi-function keyboards including their universally acclaimed ISKU series and the recently released TYON gaming mouse.

“Like us, they value high standards in every product they bring to the public, and relentlessly strive to innovate. Our ROCCAT family is thrilled to take these first steps in what will without question be a fruitful partnership, combining some of our very best peripherals with Alienware’s AlienFX software.” – René Korte, ROCCAT’s CEO and founder

Roccat Tyon
ROCCAT’s TYON Gaming Mouse is even better with AlienFX!

Though Alienware have made waves since 1996, ROCCAT’s big break into the industry came in 2007 with their Kone series of mice most notable for being the first in the market to sport multicolor LEDs. ROCCAT will now be combining their Kone XTD, Isku FX and TYON series products with Alienware’s AlienFX software (available via driver update) which provides different lighting effects dependent on in-game events occurring on screen. It won’t just be newer titles supporting these features either, AlienFX will work with League of Legends, Gauntlet, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, PAYDAY 2, Guild Wars 2 and at least 80 other games with more to follow.

“Alienware and ROCCAT are a natural fit…. AlienFX combined with ROCCAT’s new Tyon gaming mouse, the Isku FX, the Kone XTD? It was a no-brainer, and we believe fans of our brands will agree.” – Frank Azor, Alienware’s CEO

We can’t help but agree with these two peripheral giants, as someone who owns an Isku keyboard (this being currently typed with) and is always looking for the next level of videogame immersion the move is very much a welcomed one. The time has never been better to own a ROCCAT product and considering this is the very beginning of their partnership with Alienware we can’t wait to see what future innovations they have in store for us!


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