Reverb Publishing Announces Origin PC Partnership

  • simply complicated

    I am planning on buying this really awesome phone. But it is not an android phone. I want to know if I can download the android market into it maybe via a microsd card. Is this possible, if so how?

  • kewlflame14

    I have an android tablet that didn’t come with the android market pre-installed. I tried to look for it to download but I couldn’t find it. So any help would be good.

  • Vultre9

    What are the diffent between honeycomb and gingerbread? Cause I want to buy android tablet and there is 2 version android honeycomb and gingerbread..

    ^ is there anything Like apple jailbreak and download application for free on android.

  • Boo Cookie

    If you have ever played GTA you would of realised real songs are used that play on the radio.
    I want to add in a couple of songs into my game, but only short cuts from them, not the whole thing. They would also be slightly edited (reverb effect, subtle echo effect, etc) to suit the environment.
    Trouble is, Im not sure if I would get into a load of s*** for it and end off having to pay money to other companies.

    I want to use a short piece of audio from Guns N Roses “Welcome To The Jungle”
    The thing is, from what I hear, bands like Guns N Roses are dead (unfortinatley) so will I still get into trouble for it?

    What about if I simply give credit?

  • llb443

    I wanted an i phone, but the prices to use it each month is just too much, so i found the samsung intercept by virgin mobile. I have an Ipod touch, so I was wondering how different is the android market then the apple market? And i checked there website, so i saw a few apps i have on my ipod already so that’s good. And does the phone act like the ipod/ iphone?

  • mike s

    What is the best phone from sprint that has the Android operating system, a touch screen front, and a slide QWERTY keyboard? I like the new touch screen phones but I get agitated trying to type on them, so I like the slide keyboard. I looked at the Samsung Intercept, and it looked very nice. Is there any other recommendations?

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    My parents disabled my phones data and i cant use our wifi so i want to use the neibors wifi. So what is a good wifi hacking app for android 2.1 and where can i download it from?

  • Adam

    I use a GalaxySII android phone and put all my appointments on my phone’s calendar. I updated my first generation iPad to IOS5 last week. This morning, I noticed that all my android phone calendar items are now on my iPad calendar. I do not think I did any ‘sync’ set ups between my phone and iPad (maybe I did something inadvertently). Does anyone know how this sync happened? I don’t mind it, just wondering how it works. Thanks for your help!

  • Bryant B

    I need help deciding. I know apple’s ipad is the king of tablets however android has alot more flexibility with how much you can modify your tablet to how you want it. But I am having a hard time deciding, I am leaning towards the Samsung Galaxy right now. My main thing I am concened about is that the tablet must have a front facing camera with the ability to chat w/Skype.
    Really appreciate the answers so far guys thanks!

  • davemc74656

    I’ve been looking for an android app that automatically answers the call by speakerphone and or if in a bluetooth headset. Me and my dad don’t have bluetooth headsets we have the droid x car docks but even trying to hit the speakerphone button while in call is dangerous! We need something to automatically answer/make the calls with speakerphone already activated.

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior

    Will i be able to update my android os to the latest version after rooting it?

  • Hotshot t

    I think this would be useful for android users who are deaf or work in a high noisy environment.

  • heavenly sword

    I’ve seen people run the android os on their iphones, but they require an iphone 2 or 3g. Is there a way to install on it an iphone 4?
    not the iphone 2, but the original iphone. and i’ve seen 2.2 videos on engadget and other sites. but i was wondering if there was an earlier version that’s more stable.