Update: Return to the Citadel in the Final Mass Effect 3 DLC

The final Mass Effect 3 DLCs will be launching worldwide for XB360, PC and Ps3 on February 26 and March 5th.

The first DLC that will be released is a multiplayer one dubbed Mass Effect 3: Reckoning. This is a free DLC for those who enjoy playing within the multiplayer world of Mass Effect 3. New classes will be available  such as the Talon Merc, a female Turian Raptor, Geth Juggernaut and an Alliance Infiltration Unit. New weapons will also follow, seven of them in fact. several assault rifles will be up for grabs, including an assault rifle Omni-blade and a Venom shotgun.

The final Mass Effect 3 DLC takes us back to the Citadel. For $15 bucks, Shepard must put a stop to a plot that has been placed against him/her. Once again you will be fighting along your own teammates throughout different sections of the Citadel. Not only will your teammates from Mass Effect 3 will join up with Shepard, but those from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 as well. See this as a send-off DLC. Once the plot has been thwarted, Shepard will be able to take time out in his/her personal quarters on the Citadel and reconnect with old friends and chat with the new ones, including any of those s/he might have romanced. There will be cut scenes featuring these conversations for one last good-bye to the characters we’ve fallen in love over the years.

Update: This past week saw the loss of Robin Sachs, voice actor for Zaeed, who will be seen in the last Mass Effect 3 DLC. To pay their respects, Bioware is having their own tribute for this fallen bounty hunter. During this weekend’s multiplayer ops, there is an operation available titled Tribute. The goal is to earn points using Zaeed’s rifle and loyalty power. This operation starts up today, Friday the 22nd and will run through until this Sunday.

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