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Return To Silent Hill With New Trailer

  • zaclo

    I just brought a new Samsung series 7 3D TV 46″ and Assassin’s Creed Revelations does not work when I put on the inficolour setting on the 3D menu of Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Is there something wrong with my TV or is it something else?

  • Matthew

    I need one where i can make an RPG that looks really good like the new games (i.e. Skyrim, AC:Revelations…). notice i said 3D, i do NOT want a free 2D thing that i get bored reading about. And i do know a little bit about that techie stuff so it doesnt have to be too easy but not too hard, oke?

  • Taylor G

    Limited Edition Legend of Zelda 3DS
    Circle Pad pro
    TLOZ : OOT 3DS
    Resident Evil: Revelations
    Super Mario 3D Land

    Im thinking about getting a VITA instead.

  • ouch

    Resident Evil: Revelations, Super Mario 3D Land, and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Thank you.

  • supernerd567

    The new 3D console with the first reasonably sized, easy to use analog stick on a portable console, rumble for the first time portable and motion controls made by a real game company; this is what the 3DS is bringing to gaming.This console is going to be huge with a great launch lineup. Kid Icarus, Ocarina Of Time and Lylat Wars(Starfox 64) in 3D and 128-Bit, Metal Gear Solid 3 and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory remade in 3D, Resident Evil Revelations, Mario Kart 3D, Paper Mario 3D, Super Street Fighter 4:3D Edition, Nintendogs+Cats, Dead Or Alive 3D and Sims 3 in 3D. It’s almost like a dream how good the lineup is. Every game being released for it has a high potential to be good (Except for Martha Stewart. That’s going to suck. If there’s shovelware Nintendo could do without, it’s cooking games and the horrible Carnival Games series as well)

    Zelda Skyward Sword
    It may have been delayed to 2011, but that’s all the better because that means that it will more likely be perfect as Eiji Aounuma is trying to make it. Wiimotion Plus will make the masterpiece series even better. I don’t think Ocarina Of Time could even stand the wrath of this new Zelda game. This is the game I’m most looking forward to.

    I have an N64 with the original Goldeneye. I still love that game. Multiplayer is really frantic and fun. The single player gameplay is also a lot of fun. The cheats are very amusing on top of that. I cncan’tait to see this remake with the Daniel Craig Bond taking the lead role. It’s what a lot of gamers have been waiting for.

    Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D
    I mentioned this earlier. The greatest game ever gets a 3D facelift and has its problems fixed. A new generation can experience the magic. I really want to see how it gets pulled off in 3D with a touch screen and motion accelerometer. This and Lylat Wars are the best possible remake choices that I’m REALLY looking forward to!!

    I only went for Nintendo because Kinect and Sony showing off the 3D and motion controls we saw 5 years ago and calling it revolutionary weren’t really anything special. I also don’t care for Halo or Gears Of War.

    So who did you think owned E3? What were your thoughts on things? Tell me!

  • rndmaktn

    Kingdom Hearts 3D, RE Revelations, and Zelda. These are the only 3 games that I’m interested in, mostly KH3D. I don’t really like Nintendo and their games, cuz they’re mostly directed to children, but since these 3 games are only on 3DS, I’m thinking of buying one. Now I don’t have a lot of money, so if I buy it and the games I’ll probably be broke for sometime. So is it worth buying it for only these 3 games? I’m probably not gonna buy any other games for it, just these. Plz I need ur help. And btw DONT recommend a Vita cuz i already have one, and it seems that everytime i ask a question on the 3DS all the answers are ” buy a Vita “. ….. trolls leave me alone:P
    Well thanks but I’m not gonna sell my PSVita to buy a 3DS duh
    Well thanks but I’m not gonna sell my PSVita to buy a 3DS duh
    @Justin… yeah i know Zelda and KH3D are great and thats why i want to buy it, its just that i dont know how long theyll intertain me, how long theyll last?

  • Chris R

    I only have Super Mario 3D Land and FIFA 12 both which I love but I think its time for a new game and im stumped on what to get next.. please mention anything other than Ocarina of Time.. I have beaten it so many times before that I dont feel the need to do so again on the 3DS.. I am leaning towards Resident Evil Revelations but if there is something else please feel free and mention it

  • sam N

    I have about $80 so should I buy Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City or Resident Evil Revelations and Tekken 3D Prime Edition?

    I LOVE Tekken, have every game of the series. I would LOVE to have a portable version! And Revelations is the Next-Gen for portable games! So much in such a small cartridge and gaming system! But I also don’t have many fun Xbox 360 games besides Skyrim and Fallout 3/New Vegas and Left 4 Dead 2. So I want a new Xbox 360 game and that’s fun and I like and what else but RE:ORC? I have every Resident Evil game to ever exist, and I think this is one of the best 360 games of all time [for me].

    What do you think I should go for?

  • Brendan O

    Are these 3D glasses compatible with Assassin’s Creed Revelations even though I don’t have a 3D TV? In the game, there is an option to set the image to 3D; I’ve tried it and the screen looks like all you need is 3D glasses in order to get the 3D effect.
    The question is, are these PS3 3D glasses sold at GameStop compatible with the TV that I have, or would I have to get a different type of 3D glasses?

    Your input is appreciated, thank you! ^__^

  • stingerms

    I just got a 3DS yesterday and I really want revelations but it’s not out till the 7th of Febuary. So i need a game to entertain myself till then. Would you recommend it? also will it have dlc or not I keep hearing yes and no and it’s kinda confusing. Thanks

  • Beavis

    • Skyrim or Batman Arkham City
    •Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3
    • Uncharted 3 or Ico and Collossus
    • Mario 3D or Skyward Sword
    • Kirby’s return to Dreamland or GoW3
    • Forza Motorsport 3 or 2K12
    • Rayman Origins or AC: Revelations
    • Dark Souls or Duke Nukem Forever