Go Retro with Dirk and Dragon's Lair on XBLA

From 1983, comes a game that features animation done by Don Bluth, formally of Disney, and is even on permanent display at the Smithsonian in DC.

Said game broke down the walls by creating a game without sprites on a laserdisc to create a whole new gaming experience for the 1980’s and beyond.

Dragon’s Lair has be been ported many times before and now its has found a home on XBLA. Instead of just playing the game with a controller, gamers can now play along as Dirk with the Kinect controller, experiencing a new way to play Dragon’s Lair.

As well as being able to use Kinect with Dragon’s Lair, this download comes along with achievements, a leaderboard and avatar items to be unlocked.

Dragon’s Lair can be purchased for your retro gaming pleasure for 800 Microsoft Points starting today.

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