Resonance Lands on Steam

  • angelofdeath54

    I will visit your blog regularly for some latest news.

  • nasty1

    Does 360 Magazine (British xbox mag) have a regular feature about indie games?

  • Con Orpe

    I was wondering if it would be possible to break up a virus molecular structure using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Ideally, the host subject would be unaffected.

  • Lachlan

    I recently watched the movies indie game the movie(watched twice) and the social network(also watched twice). I really enjoyed them because they focused on highly creative and innovative people.They also featured programming of some sort, something that i have become very interested in. I would love to see movies that are similar to this. Any recommendations? 10 points to best answer! Thanks! 😀

  • Taylor G

    im struggling to find out how to buy the xbox indie game and dont know where to buy it. HELP

  • Jenna

    Im going to give this one more try. No lifeless trolls repeating the same comment they gave the last question, no retards giving advice. I just want to know what software is required to make an indie game. pleas, Ive seared this up so many times its like it dosent even exists. Pleas just give me the information .

  • nasty1

    How easy would it be for a complete newcomer to programming to make a indie game for xbox 360. If there are any programmers on here where would you suggest i start if an indie game is far too much?
    any suggestions as to what would be easier?

  • Jairo

    I really want Breath of Death VII or Zombie Estate OR I Made a Game With Zombies in it.

    What is the BEST?!?!?!? (Out of ALL Indie Games)