Resistance 3 Beta Incoming, and We've Got the Codes!

We here at TGF cannot hide our love for the awesome people at @insomniacgames. One thing that was hinted to us while we hung out with them at E3 was the release of a multi-player beta for the long-awaited Resistance 3. Well at this year’s Comic Con it was announced that there is indeed an R3 beta which will be launching in early August.

No firm date as of now, and of course very little has been confirmed. What we do know for sure is that Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction will be playable modes in the game.

Resistance 3, launches exclusively on the PS3 in September of this year. This will be the fourth game in the Resistance series and will be the direct sequel to Resistance 2, which was launched in 2008.

Those who purchased Socom 4 or attended the Insomniac Community Day earlier this year already have codes for the Resistance 3, those of you less fortunate will have to wait until next week when we’ll be dishing out the goods 🙂 Be sure you’re following us on Twitter! (@thegamefanatics).

Thanks IGN

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