Resident Evil Origins Collection Coming to Xbox One, PS4

On the heels of Capcom releasing the Xbox One PlayStation 4 remake of Resident Evil and announcing a remaster of Resident Evil 2 is in the works, the company today revealed a trailer for the Resident Evil Origins Collection for current-gen consoles – containing the original game and Resident Evil 0.

The trailer focuses heavily on the brand new remaster of Resident Evil 0, originally for the Nintendo GameCube and announced earlier this year, that will be included in the collection. It is unknown whether the RE0 remaster will be a straight port of the 2008 Wii re-release or a grander affair like the Resident Evil GameCube remake that effectively functions as a completely different game than the original, with new enemies, mechanics, and areas of the iconic mansion.

That version of Resident Evil was the one remastered for Xbox One and PS4 earlier this year, and is the version that will be included in the collection.

Resident Evil Remastered

Resident Evil 0 follows the ill-fated journey of Bravo Team in the hours prior to the original game, led by S.T.A.R.S. agent Rebecca Chambers and her unwilling sidekick Billy Coen, an escaped convict, following an incident on a train running through the Arkay Mountains outside Raccoon City.

One new addition to Resident Evil 0 that has been revealed is Wesker Mode, revealed on Capcom’s Facebook page, and is the goofiest thing in the world. Wesker Mode allows you to play as Albert Wesker with crazy superpowers instead of Coen. You can check that out in the trailer below.

Goofy, right? It completely flies in the face of Resident Evil canon and I love it.

If you already purchased the Xbox One or PS4 re-release of Resident Evil or only wish to purchase the remake of RE0, a standalone version will be released digitally at an undetermined date in early 2016, according to Eurogamer, priced at U.S. $19.99. No price has yet been stated for Resident Evil Origins Collection

There are no further updates on the remaster of Resident Evil 2.

The collection is currently slated for release on January 19th, 2016.


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