Resident Evil 6 Update Adds New Camera Options, "No Hope" Difficulty

For all the additions and content Capcom packed into Resident Evil 6, fans simply didn’t think it met series standards. The developer has been listening to your concerns, though, and is planning an update that could change the way you look at the game.Aiming for a December release date, the new patch for Resident Evil 6 will give host to a whole set of features. They include:

  • Ability to adjust the camera for greater field of vision. The screenshots in our gallery below demonstrate how close or how far away the camera can be moved.
  • No Hope difficulty, for an even greater challenge
  • Subtitles now support multiple languages along with English audio.
  • Ada’s campaign will be unlocked from the start; optional co-op was added to Ada’s campaign

Capcom seems very eager to help work out any problems fans have been experiencing with Resident Evil 6, a level of dedication that’s refreshing to see from an industry giant. They’re inviting fans to share comments and concerns about the game on While you wait for the update, check out the gallery below and be sure to read our review.

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