New Resident Evil 6 Footage Surfaces

Excitement overwhelmed me seeing Capcom return the Resident Evil franchise back to its traditional survival horror roots. But after watching the gameplay footage below, it looks like Capcom will be retaining the melodramatic comedy of Resident Evil 5, which makes me sad.

Resident Evil 4 didn’t need to build any suspense between the characters involved in the story, everything just fell into place perfectly somehow and more often than not. Silence was the best form of tension when a character either left a room or encountered a new form of monster.

Unfortunately, Resident Evil 6 will have a plethora of cut scenes, and NPC’s screaming our protagonist’s name. That is plain to see from the two 10 minute gameplay sessions located below. They literally hit every trope possible when it comes to a horror film, let alone a videogame.

The missing person, the double cell phone ring followed by a long stare, the “we have to save them” before the monster comes, they even included a scene where *SPOILER* they’ve found the missing diplomats daughter and she turns into a zombie on the elevator, and they have to fight her off in a close space.

All of this is telegraphed which shouldn’t be the case in a horror game. Gamers have changed and evolved and it’s sad to say that Capcom at the very least when it comes to the Resident Evil haven’t changed at all. But who knows, maybe they’ll turn things around before the game comes out later this year


Resident Evil 6 – Leon Gameplay – Part 1 (HD)


Resident Evil 6 – Leon Gameplay – Part 2 (HD)

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