Reset Showcases a Hauntingly Beautiful Atmopshere in New Gameplay

Theory Interactive Ltd. launched a 13-minute gameplay video of their upcoming title: Reset. In it, we don’t only see the game’s time travel mechanics implementing different timelines to solve puzzles, but we also get a glimpse of a moving, melancholic scenery.

Reset is the result of a two-man team: Alpo Oksaharju on art, writing, and design; and Mikko Kallinen handling tech and music. Settled in Espoo, Finland, these two guys know how to get a visual hook going. Their ambiance is outstanding, with a level of detail in lighting that will surely be a key point of the VR experience.

Puzzles, Multiple Timelines, and a Robot

The future’s not that bright according to Reset. We encounter a glowing modern world, abandoned on its prime and with little information about why and what happened. It’s our robot’s task to explore this 16 square km world, solving scattered puzzles to figure bits and pieces of what happened to the present world.

You’ll be in charge of a robot, capable of cooperating with himself by the use of a time travel mechanic. Just set up a starting point, do your thing, and Reset into a different timeline to complement your actions with another parallel step. As for the gameplay itself, we can deduce that it’s likely an experience that will adapt to each player.

Whether you dwell around or jump right to the task at hand, you won’t be able to avoid the gloomy vibes. It almost recalls Bioshock’s first hour, as you explore Rapture’s old glory and scan it thoroughly to try figure what went wrong.

A Dark Future With Stunning Looks

Unlike The Witness, which is similar in format, Reset‘s world isn’t bright. Still, they do share one crucial trait: they both hide mystery and a story behind their looks. With its completely different approach, this obscure realism is ready to immerse the player into gameplay with a setting that feels the way it looks. Luckily, the game will be VR compatible, and the whole setting asks for it with its futuristic cities and nature-recovered sceneries.

Aside from the amazing detail in graphics, there are specific details that turn this title into a realistic eye-candy. One of them is lightning, which they show as an atmospheric tool, crucial in making natural light feel, well, natural. What’s more, they even went the extra mile with accurate day and night cycles that give out the correct star positioning. This is the kind of detail that gives life to a setting and helps players slow down their run to experience a dynamic world around them.

There’s no doubt that Reset holds a poetic vibe behind its mysterious story and we shouldn’t expect a rushed game, or a stressful one. Instead, you should ready up your best couch, and save a few nights to give this title a few sittings when it releases -hopefully, later this year.

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