Remember Me Shows Off Kid Xmas Boss in New Trailer

Remember Me has been flying under the radar for a while now.  It was originally titled Adrift and was being built by a handful of former Ubisoft employees in conjunction with some heavy hitters in the art and writing world, but it didn’t have a publisher for years until Capcom stepped in and is releasing it May 2013.  Lucky us.

I find that the best games imitate and critique life, are built with a message.  Take Spec Ops: The Line for example.  Some parts of the game were serviceable, like the shooting, but the underlying theme, the moral of the game if you will, the statement it made about war and first person shooters elevated it beyond a game.  Tying themes to real-world examples and happenings doesn’t necessarily make a great game, one that sticks with you, but you’d be hard pressed to find one that carries an emotional punch if it didn’t.

Remember Me looks like it was cut from a Neal Stephenson or William Gibson novel mixed with a bit of Deus Ex and Assassin’s Creed.  The player takes control of Nilin in a futuristic Paris where complete memories, smells, touch and all, can be stored as data.  Just like any data it can be copied, sold, bought, stolen, and even altered.  It’s an interesting concept, to be sure. A gameplay video was released last summer where Nilin alters the memory of a character in game and forces him to believe he murdered his girlfriend.  Because of this, and the situation he was currently in, he decides to kill himself.  Over what wasn’t true.

Interestingly, this new video shows off a lot of what hadn’t been seen before.  Previous videos showcased the stealth aspects of the game with the main character climbing on walls, a la Altair.  Below you’ll see Nilin kicking some serious butt in hand to hand combat.

Remember Me looks like it has a great concept and underlying theme to work with.  The art is top notch, and the acting seems pretty good from the videos we’ve seen so far.  If Remember Me can wrap everything up in a nice package, it might just be a real present for us gamers (See, these jokes are funny because Kid Xmas is the boss in the video below!).

Check out the clip from Capcom below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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