Is a Remastered Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Coming to Xbox 360?

At this time of year, it seems as though the craze behind new games this quarter is beginning to settle down. Just when we thought we could relax, rumors of a remastered Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas have been surfacing around the web. Could this surprise be too good to be true?

Spotted over at earlier today, it would appear as though Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to the Xbox 360. This doesn’t entirely surprise us as this year marks the 10th anniversary of the game’s original release on sixth-generation consoles. But will this remastered title arrive before the end of this year?

Given the fact that the folks over at XboxAchievements receive lists for games a month or two before their release, our guess is that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas might be arriving before the turn of year. Speaking of which, the achievement list looks to cover the basics of a GTA game, tasking players with completing story missions, performing miscellaneous activities around the open-world setting, and comically enough, even getting arrested a number of times.


On the whole, take this news lightly as Rockstar hasn’t given their official response to this rumor. It wouldn’t be the first time Rockstar slides in a pleasant surprises for gamers, though. When Grand Theft Auto V originally launched in September of 2013, the studio claimed they had no intentions of bringing the title to eighth-generation consoles. Well, we all know how that turned out.

Be sure to check back in the next few days for some follow-up news on whether or not Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be returning to seventh-generation consoles in a fully remastered form.

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