New Release Date for Console Version of Risen 2

  • reborn02

    Thanks for the post.

  • Dollie Mccrystal

    Bullet Software keeps hoping to notify me that the game doesn’t function for a laptop computer just due to the fact “it’s a PC game not a laptop game” but I have many PC video games which do operate just fine on my laptop computer and 1 of which has the same minimum processor demands for the game to run:

    Loki: Intel Pentium4 2 GHz
    Gothic 3: Intel Pentium®4 2GHz

    The mentioned organization informed me “the recreation should not run on a Laptop” just simply because of what they mentioned the “system requirements” were: 3GHz.
    Now if the recreation has explained on the back again of the box Minimal REQUIREMENTS: Processor: Intel Pentium®4 2GHz I am sure the game would operate on a Laptop as nicely as a PC.

    People, remember to notify me what do you think?

    NOTE: Also they mentioned they refunded me in full and are sending me a alternative even although I told them about the disc obtaining a dodgy mark like ring all the way close to the laser facet of the disc and they never want to know something about the simple fact that the video game business alone (the people who made the game) had a lawsuit against them since of obtaining supporters hopes up too high and also the video games supporters, Piranha Bytes had ceased supporting the game.
    My recreation says “JoWood Productions Presents A Piranha Bytes Game” (which I just explained that Piranha Bytes had a poor popularity when making the recreation and selling it when it was nevertheless incomplete)
    EDIT: I just acquired an electronic mail from them saying: “Many many thanks for your email

    I comprehend that Mark Hill refunded the preliminary buy in total at a reduction to ourselves. There is no need to have to return the item.

    I realize that Sarah Wright has sent you a totally free item. This merchandise was tried and sent by our warehouse and was collected with our mail sacks at 1.00 pm.

    We respect your opinions.

    Kind regards


    Richard Summers

    They explained they regard my opinions when they completely ignored what I have explained about the complete sport and what went wrong with it etc and also ignored what I mentioned about the video games I have which are also for PC but nevertheless work on a Laptop.

    and also they said “There is no need to return the item” wtf do I do with the video game now? I suggest they are sending me a “replacement” but I want RID of the damn thing completely!

  • Anne Felton

    Since pirate talk is all the rage, I figured I Would consult what the pirates at the White Home and Congress have in shop for their captives this week. Another trillion of wasteful spending?

  • Lizzie Galatioto

    can you use a bluetooth as an headset in an XboX 360

  • Elyn Patchman

    What are the best games??
    I am a girl
    i dont wanna play those sport games.


    please tell me the best games for
    XBOX 360

    thank you

  • josh12rox

    i have an xbox 360 and im trying to stream music from my windows laptop to my xbox but it says i need to download windows media connect.does anyone have any links to where i can download windows media connect for free.

    do i have to be connected to broadband internet to do this? because i have dial up

  • Echo

    Hey i was wondering what xbox 360 games are good for me to buy. I already have Gears of War and Dead rising. what are good games that have fun xbox live also?

  • PoohBearPenguin

    I am buying a XBOX 360?

    Which one(CONSOLE) should I get?: XBOX 360 or XBOX Arcade?

  • isk8at818

    I am trying to transfer a saved file from my game from one PS3 to another via a USB. While the file itself has no problem and loads on the second PS3 effectly, the PS3 says that saved file does not belong to you therefore you can only play on it but cannot save over it OR save it as another file on the new PS3. Any way to solve this problem? Please help. Thanks!

  • xLittle21Yaox

    Recently i finished the game Jade Empire. Its an action RPG for the xbox. I was wondering if anyone knew of anygames with a similar idea that might be fun to play.
    The systems I own that still work are:
    Xbox 360/ Xbox

    Please help.

  • whites are not the only racists

    I am having problems connecting to my network with my xbox 360. The other 3 computers in my house have no problems connecting to the internet. The cable I am using for the xbox 360 to connect it to the modem works with the computer, but not the xbox 360. It worked with the xbox 360 a few months ago, though. If someone could help me, It would be very much appreciated.

  • Gabriel Kenney

    My girlfriend and I are looking for any good co-op games essentially, we like to see character customization and leveling up. We have two computers so any PC games with online are welcome as well but consoles are preferred.

  • Maggie

    I am talking about games where you actually control your character in real time. I am not talking about turn based RPGs. Some examples of Action RPGs are Monster Hunter, Odin Sphere, and .hack G.U..

  • jag43216

    I’m looking for a list of action RPG (I don’t want turn based) games, like Crusaders of Might and Magic, or Dark Souls etc.
    I already, played and beat all of them.
    @Aliens. Nope.

  • Jason M

    I already have,
    Infected (excellent game)
    Ratchet & Clank Size Matters
    Loco Roco
    Everbodys Golf
    Archer McCleans Mercury
    Go Sudoku
    Whoops I should have noted that this is PSP.
    I actually use the PSP while travelling, and need a new game for my next long haul flight