Recap of Sony's PSN Intrusion Conference (When PSN Will Return, Compensation, and More)

  • Raven0596

    So this is all AT&T’s fault!

  • camachoerick60

    lol naww dude it the short amout of security that was put into the psn network


  • SilverWing50

    i hope it comes online soon 🙁 i dont really care of this speed bump, shyt happens, wa can u do)

  • cardskid22

    I want to buy a game from the Playstation Network in Japan, but Im having trouble getting my info put it. Has anyone here been able to get their info on and download games? If so can you please help me and walk me through what to put it and where to put it?

    Or if someone can point me to a tool that will change the entire web page into English that would help a lot too.
    I’ve heard that some people have been able to do it without a Japanese Credit Card.

  • arronwrath

    How do i sign up for playstation network on my ps3 so i can play games online. when im at the playstation network thing on my home page there is nothing there that says sign up, it only says. Sign in, Whats new, Playstation home, and playstation store.

  • Cpt Excelsior

    How do u get the free games on playstation network. Do u have to be a playstation plus subcriber. As playstation network was back up and running yesterday thanks .