Get Ready for Some Guerilla Warfare in Ghost Recon Future Soldier

  • Achiro


  • Noemi Madero

    I want to start a gaming channel on youtube. The point is I will not know how I would record gameplay from my ps3 and then upload it on youtube. Any details on how to do it? Thanks.

  • Molly Griego

    This is for a paper in World History….

    i feel the greatest examples of what could be justified is,
    -The Innovative War
    -For the obvious reasons, but i also like this war because it was the one particular exactly where hundreds of farmers with muskets and pitchforks beat countless numbers of elite skilled soldiers with the very best generals and best weapons. i guess that doesnt justify it anymore, but it is rather calme still. It also modernized Guerrilla Warfare which usually holds less civilian casualties as well as casualties on either side.
    -WWII (not the beginning, but how USA got involved)
    -Pearl Harbor, hundreds of Americans, and Hawaiians had been slaughtered. And this following Japan expressed excellent hopes of long term peace with America. and also Hitler’s Holocaust which was one particular of the deadliest genocides ever, (in phrases of deaths). plus, USA pretty a lot saved most of the globe when they entered WWII, and they definitely saved UK, France, and most every other portion of Europe.

    Please give a war and a purpose why.
    k, numerous of you are stating that usa hardly did nearly anything in WWII, but in reality the only force still left to stand up to germany was russia. the exact same russia that lost about 40 million troopers at that point, they have been just creating progress when usa entered because of pearl harbor. usa brought the closing punch that ended germanys rampage. and they freed several of the concentration camps.

    also the pig’s war, or when usa and canada disputed above borders. that war was like, big-flipping-deal. no casualties on either side, the British pulled out before americans did, so British actually didnt do anything. and the entire “war” was in excess of a little island. the “pigs war” was nothing
    i have a typo in earlier details. i meant to say, russia was Hardly generating progress.

  • Amie Wolken

    I purchased Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood 2 days after it 1st arrived out but I in no way attempted the online. Today I went to try out and it states it cannot link to the ubisoft server, I can not use Uplay either.

  • Lizzie Galatioto

    i want to buy rainbow six vegas 2 but ive heard the on the web servers arent working. Has ubisoft mounted that dilemma yet, and if not are they ever going to.

  • Desmarais

    I noticed a youtube video clip about this sport called babyz its by ubisoft. Its an outdated game but it appears sooooooo considerably fun! Do any of you know where I can download a demo?

  • Zack Faria

    Each conference at this year’s e3 has had a nice little opening montage to give us an idea of what’s in store, however I was a bit more interested in the song used in Ubisoft’s opening collage. Could anyone help me out?

  • Picean

    How do you record your gameplay directly from your PS3 for free without a capture card or a dvd recorder?

  • Scott Bull

    How do you record PS3 gameplay and live commentary?

    i know how to record game play (i will be using the easyCAP 2.0), but how do you record live commentary with the gameplay?i have a sony 7.1 PS3 mic, but will it record my voice automaticly?

  • Goe122

    ubisoft has q&a.they answers it how to ask question to assassin’s creed revelations?

  • Erin

    my computer cant be moved next to the television
    How can i record gameplay in HD without a computer?
    I also want to create commentary for the video
    how do i add the commentary recorded on my end and add it to a video?

    best answer gets 10 points
    thanks and take care

  • The Villain

    I need a laptop that i can buy in a store like dick smith that is $400 – $800. I would use it for recording xbox 360 gameplay with the hauppauge hd pvr… Thats it… Any suggestions?

  • Milk84

    Im having trouble just joining in on other campaigns with Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Is there something im missing, or are you only allowed to play through with people on your friends list? There’s no open room option, also the same question with Guerrilla warfare, when I set the game to “Open” no one joins, but I don’t see a “Search for game” option, so im not sure if im waiting for nothing. Please help me know if I can play this game with other people in Co-op or Guerrilla warfare without friends.


  • Heath

    I want to capture gameplay from my ps3, playing call of duty, and I want to be able to put those videos on to youtube.

    What do I need and what is the best thing to buy, and what is the price range going to be?


  • liza

    It was also a much more controversial and hollywood style war, including drug use, drinking, civilian massacres, hookers, fragging of sergeants and lieutenants(which means soldiers shooting/killing them), draftees, racial tensions, etc, etc. there were 10x the men on the ground as well. You had a great mix of America with; f__k ups, rich kids, poor kids, kids pissed off at the world, kids drafted against their own will, southerners, hippies, blacks, inner city white catholics and jews(irish, italians, polish and jews), california surfers, mexicans, junkies, ex cons/future cons, gang members, mentally ill, patriots, old World War 1 veterans as commanders, WW2 and Korean vets as sargents, etc, etc, etc..

    BUT The bad part was;

    The Vietnamese were also known for their sick cruel tactics on enemy soldiers, setting traps(many soldiers came home without limbs), chemicals, torturing POWs to death, other crazy things. They could not tell the enemy from civilians.

    60,000 US troops killed.
    10,040 South Korean troops killed.
    8,789 Australian troops killed.
    5,510 Thai troops killed.
    3,895 New Zealander troops killed.

    Vietnam had extreme guerilla jungle warfare in Viet-Cong, and a modern military in the NVA. There was a draft for not just the United States, but South Korea and Australia as well. The US relied heavily on the new South Korea(who knew Oriental, guerilla and jungle style warfare very well, also somewhat as a favor for after the Korean War) and Australia who were experienced and fought several jungle guerilla wars against Asian nations before the Vietnam War.

    30% of the US army was draftees by 1968. a little over 5% of the Marines was draftees by 1968.

    The majority was still by far volunteers though.

    20% of the Australian ground troops were drafted

    NOW, Iraq and Afghanistan have had less then 5,000 put together in the same amount of time. Yes every life is precious, but this conflict is no-where near Vietnam.

    In 1968 the US had a total number of 650,000 ground troops in Vietnam, with South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand also having theyre largest amount of ground troops that same year, the total ground force was well over a million.

    There is not nearly as much troops as this in Afghanistan or Iraq.

    But I knew a Vietnam Vet and he said “we had fun before guys got killed, shot and extreme PTSD”

    I mean if i had a choice of now or then, It would be then a lot more fun stuff before u die or cme back

  • Melanie

    I play xbox 360 on my computer screen I just want to know how to record that gameplay off of my computer screen to make youtube videos in HD. What program to use for the best picture and no lag at all please help. GT: XxKKO MANMANxX

  • unbleevable39

    I’ve got a capture card a mic but I don’t know what kind of gameplay videos to upload. What do people want to see?
    I want to do an LP of a game I know very well.