Razer Unveils SnakeEyes, an Augmented Reality HUD for Your Real Life

  • eddf06

    Interesting point of view.

  • Marcie Thach

    How do I make a copy of all the contents of a razer cellphone? The predicament goes like this –my sister’s husband cheated on my sister, she found out by viewing over 600 text messages stuffed with clues to infidelity (nudie photos, i enjoys you’s, etc) to another woman.

    Now, he wants his cell phone again but my sister is refusing to do so. My query is, how do I make a copy of the contents on the cell phone?

    She has a Razer and it can be with Verizon.

  • Marcie Carew

    I get razer uses up and bumps that flip into ingrown hairs. I’ve utilised the medicated Bikini Zone gel but doesn’t seem to be functioning for me. What are some other excellent products or treatments i can try out that are also cheap.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad it’s April…if this is still goin round after April, then ill be a believer. 😛 still cool tho!

  • Desmarais

    Hey everyone. I Am very into April Fools, and I am preparing a head this year (lol). Previous year, I designed a facebook web page for a pretend guy and mentioned that I was in a relationship. Absolutely Everyone thought it, and it went off wonderful without a problem. This year, I Am caught on what to do. Any ideas? I’m a 17 12 months aged girl, if that helps. All solutions are drastically appreciated!

  • Elinor Tuten

    Hey, I just purchased a razer mouse over the net from there site. I was asking yourself how prolonged it takes for normal floor shipping? They are sending it from New York to Washington State. Anyone know? I am really seeking ahead to finding it lol
    I acquired it floor ordered. And it got confirmed and was sent for processing or w/e and was sent out 1/18/10. They are in NY I am in WA. How long you think?

  • Ha. I know the guy in that photo.

  • Abbey Spencer

    Not sure if troll or…

  • Anne Felton

    How do I make a copy of all the contents of a razer cellphone? The circumstance goes like this –my sister’s husband cheated on my sister, she located out by viewing more than 600 text messages filled with clues to infidelity (nudie photos, i loves you’s, etc) to one more woman.

    Now, he wants his cell mobile phone again but my sister is refusing to do so. My issue is, how do I make a duplicate of the contents on the cell phone?

    She has a Razer and it really is with Verizon.

  • Jeanie Roudebush

    I usually have razer burn up and bumps on my pits.Lol.I want a clear seeking pit 😛

  • MexicanDude

    I recently brought a razer arctosa keyboard in hope of obtaining the silver one however because they had none left in stock i had to settle with the black edition. I have noticed it is very difficult to see the keys and even though i can work with that as i can touch type it would be handy to have visible keys. Are there any covers/lights for this keyboard?

  • shahrukh

    good april fools day jokes..like not so drastic that i might get suspended or detention ; like really funny, harmless pranks.

  • borabora5524

    I write a how-to column for my school newspaper and every year we have an April Fools issue where we write false stories to try and trick students into believing them.

    What do you think would be a good fake how-to column, that’s still believable?

  • Armas

    Im buying my boyfriend a new gaming headset for christmas and I know he likes the Razer stuff. Just wondering if this headset is so amazing its worth £129.99?

    Any help would be great, Thanks.

  • tjpimpin

    I want to prank my boyfriend today for april fools when he gets home from work. I don’t want to piss him off though cuz his job stresses him out enough. Any ideas?

  • Michael

    I kno u dont like it when ppl do that 2 the title…but if it bothers u so much…then leave for a minute…till then question’s out of ur site.. 🙂

    N-e-wayz…wutz the best Aprils Fools prank u have ever done?

  • vanvark83

    Sooooo for St. Patricks day, we got green silly string and he never saw it coming. I need some pranks for april fools that is not silly string, something he wouldn’t expect. But it also needs to be harmless and can be done inside.

  • opurt

    Tomorrow is April Fools as we all know and in my chorus class we have a performance tomorrow night that we have been working on since August we want to pull a funny April joke on my chorus teacher in my first academic class i have with him all the main characters are there. and in the second it is everyone in my grade! Any funny ideas? The play is Willy Wonka. Any questions? Ask! 10 points to best answer! the play is at 7 tomorrow night anything funny to say? anything funny to scare him?

  • have faith

    I need april fool jokes please help…!
    hahaha thanks everyone! um……….oh yeah when i say jokes i mean pranks! LOL

  • Anny

    Mkay, so, my sister is twelve years old, a year younger than me, and I want to play a bunch of pranks on her for april fools. I was already thinking of setting her clock back like, four hours, and taking out her light bulbs. And soaking her toothbrush in the liquid from the pickled garlic. And putting tape in front of her door. I’m going all out for it this year, what else could I do?

  • Sophia C

    I have heard of scourgies on april fools and the fake pet makeovers. I have gone to the supposed “Neopetz”. But what were the rest?

  • Roflcopter

    has anyone done anything funny for april fools? or got anything funny back? tell tell!