Randy Pitchford Gives up the Goods on Aliens Colonial Marines

  • Kelli Shanklin

    Like a lot of people, I have an xbox. Also like a lot of people, I like to demonstrate off and speak about myself. Combining the two just would seem like the sensible step. So how do I go about recording my gameplay from my xbox and and making commentaries to post on youtube? With No the use of a video clip camera. I will not want to be witnessed as a caveman from the youtube community.

  • Dollie Mccrystal

    I have work and an job interview for an additional work that could be far better than my latest occupation scheduled on the identical day. How do I inform my boss I are unable to come to work that day without them noticing I am going to an job interview for another job?

    I cant take a half day or operate out on lunch either.

  • Desmarais

    I Am creating about a douleur alien that looks human but he’s not. So, how would I make him still seem to be like an alien to the human world? What characteristics must he have that sort of screams Alien? This isn’t really a novel or anything so I’m not making an attempt to steal concepts it’s for this issue I Am undertaking and I want him to look realistic. Ought To he have some type of unique potential that helps make him appear non-human? I genuinely need to have some advice. Thanks!

  • easton j

    Seen the movie around 14 years ago. Here is plot as I remember it. There is an alien monster being held on a spaceship. Something goes wrong and the containment fails. It escapes and starts killing everyone. One woman survives and escapes to earth but alien follows her. She tries to find help to fight it. Every time she sees the monster, she forgets details how to stop it. Monster is never shown in actual form, but it jumps from body to body as it searches for her.

  • davemc74656

    I mean I believe in extraterrestrials but seriously? There are people talking about all kinds of nonsense such as greys, vrillons, reptilians, hybrids, secret alien moon bases ect. The universe is vast and the probability of no other life but us is unlikely, but what’s up with with all of the crazy alien myths? There is absolutely no evidence for any of it. Personally, I think its nonsense made up by people trying to gain their 15 minutes of fame.

  • Picean

    If there are aliens out there, then how would we know that any of their characteristics would parallel that of any of Earth’s lifeforms? Since they would be completely independent of us, they would likely be so different from us that it would be very difficult to apply any familiar concepts to them.

    Fundamental concepts as we know them could not easily apply to the aliens, such as psychology, intelligence, sexuality, language, society, culture, ethics, math, or technology. Those things, if they even are there, would develop so differently that there may as well be new terms for them. Intelligence, for example, may not be such a linear process, so the most advanced aliens could be considered not more or less intelligent than humans, but intelligent in a very different sense.

    Therefore, there is a likelihood that they never broadcast any signals beyond their planet, or try to make contact with Earth, so SETI may just never work and aliens may never be building spacecraft to visit this planet, because they are too alien. Those gold colored discs meant to teach aliens about Earth may never mean a thing to them. They would be more different from us than we could even dream.

  • musicistabest

    I have recently started skating and I’ve looked at many brands at an alien workshop deck has caught my eye! My friend says that alien boards are heavy! Would it be a good brand for a beginner?