PSN To Get Dragon’s Lair For $10 On November 23rd

Another classic is making its way onto the PSN tomorrow, in the way of Dragon’s Lair.

The game will include a “Visual Move Guide,” which should make some of those more perplexing sequences significantly less so, as well as a “Watch Mode,” where you can simply view all of Don Bluth’s beautiful animations without worrying about anything that would natural kill you in traditional games.

Dragon’s Lair will be making its way to the PlayStation Network Tuesday, November 23, again with a $10 price tag.

Get the press release below.

Press Release

November has been a banner month for all things Dragon’s Lair. We’ve seen releases on a variety of platforms including the Wii, Nintendo DS and even iPad. Now, Dirk goes for a Guinness World Record for most platform ports ever, with a Full HD release on the PlayStation Store.

An instant hit in its 1983 arcade debut, Dragon’s Lair has transcended the video game landscape and firmly planted itself as a gaming icon. This PlayStation 3 release marks over 60 unique platform releases of Dragon’s Lair making it a candidate for the record books.

To celebrate this occasion, a variety exclusive items are now available for download on PlayStation Home. Transform yourself into Dirk the Daring or Princess Daphne, grab a new t-shirt, or even have Singe the Dragon protect your apartment. All are now available with even more exciting exclusive to follow in the coming days!

Other exciting Dragon’s Lair features for this PSN release include:

* 1080p HD Remastered Video
* Visual Move Guide
* Classic Arcade Monitor View
* Online Leaderboard
* Trophy Support
* Exclusive Dragon’s Lair PlayStation Home Reward
* Watch Mode – View the Animation Without Dying!

Dragon’s Lair is available Tuesday November 23rd on the PlayStation Store for only $9.99.

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