PSN Store Update For Oct 26th

Hey everybody, here with your PSN store update. This week’s downloadable games for PSN include the port of online-only shooter Blacklight: Tango Down and the direct-to-PSN North American release of Superstars V8 Racing.

And not to forget Rock Band 3 owners, the Rock Band 2 import should be available now on the PSN. But is where you’ll need to go for the code required for the import process. Which is currently down, but stay hopeful pending (hopefully impending) relaunch, so keep your fingers crossed!


Price Updates

•MX Vs ATV Reflex Track Pack 1 – Permanent Price Drop (PS3) (now $1.99, original price $4.99)
•MX Vs ATV Reflex Track Pack 2 – Permanent Price Drop (PS3) (now $1.99, original price $4.99)


•Blacklight: Tango Down ($14.99)
•Superstars V8 Racing ($19.99)

Demos (free)

•Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Demo
•Blacklight: Tango Down Multiplayer Trial
•Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 Demo
•Majin And The Forsaken Kingdom Demo
•TV Superstars Demo


•High Velocity Bowling Move (free)
•ModNation Racers – Stunt Props Pack (free until 11/9)
•EyePet DLC – Halloween Pack ($2.99)
•PAIN – I, Probot DLC ($1.99)
•PAIN – Souxxie Character Pack ($0.99)
•The Sims 3 Online Pass ($9.99)
•MX Vs ATV Reflex Special Series DLC (free)
•WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 – Fan Axxess ($9.99)
•Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare Pack ($9.99)
•Def Jam Rapstar: MIMS – “This Is Why I’m Hot” ($1.99)
•Dead Rising 2 – Skills Pack – Sports Fan ($1.99)
•Super Street Fighter IV – Ultra Challengers Pack 1 ($3.99)
•Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
• “Sweet Transvestite” – The Rocky Horror Picture Show ($1.99)
• “Hot Patootie” – The Rocky Horror Picture Show ($1.99)
• “Time Warp” – The Rocky Horror Picture Show ($1.99)
• The Rocky Horror Picture Show Track Pack ($5.49) – Downloadable Track Pack featuring “Sweet Transvestite”, “Hot Patootie”, and “Time Warp” by The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Please Note: Many songs are available both as singles and as part of a Track Pack, so please carefully consider your purchases before downloading.

• “Black Hole Sun” – Soundgarden ($1.99)
• “Birth Ritual” – Soundgarden ($1.99)
• “Blow Up The Outside World” – Soundgarden ($1.99)
• “Burden In My Hand” – Soundgarden ($1.99)
• “Fell On Black Days” – Soundgarden ($1.99)
• “Hands All Over” – Soundgarden ($1.99)
• “Hunted Down” – Soundgarden ($1.99)
• “My Wave” – Soundgarden ($1.99)
• “Outshined” – Soundgarden ($1.99)
• “Rusty Cage” – Soundgarden ($1.99)
• “Spoonman” – Soundgarden ($1.99)
•Rock Band Network
• “Cheat On The Church” – Graveyard BBQ ($1.99)
• “Chiron Beta Prime” – Jonathan Coulton ($1.99)
• “How We’d Look On Paper” – The Main Drag ($0.99)
• “Life Unworthy Of Life” – Warpath ($0.99)
• “Rip’Er” – Lead the Dead ($0.99)
•Rock Band 2 import


•Darkstalkers Avatars (x4) ($0.49)
•Dead Rising 2 Avatars (x2) ($0.49)
•Ghouls ‘n Ghosts Avatars (x12) ($0.49)
•Kung Fu Rider Toby Avatar Bundle ($1.49)
•Uncharted Avatars (x10) ($0.49)
•Uncharted Avatar Pack 5 ($1.49)
•Uncharted Avatar Pack 6 ($1.49)

Videos (free)

•The Tester Season 2 Preview Episode
•God of War: Ghost of Sparta Origins Trailer
•Dead Nation – Upgrades Trailer
•NBA 2K11 – Bulls Vs. Genghis Khan
•NBA 2K11 – MJ Present Day
•NBA 2K11 – MJ’s Greatest Moments Trailer
•NBA 2K11 Launch Trailer
•Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype The Last Chapter Trailer
•Medal of Honor – Friends From Afar Trailer
•Medal of Honor – Gunfighters Trailer
•Splatterhouse Trailer
•Superstars V8 Racing Trailer
•Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Debut Trailer
•Sonic Adventure Launch Trailer
•Vanquish Gameplay Trailer #6
•Vanquish Gameplay Trailer #7
•Homefront – Multiplayer Debut Trailer

PS3 Themes

•Dead Nation Theme (free)
•Dead Nation Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
•TV Superstars Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
•Spartacus Blood and Sand Dynamic Theme (US Only) ($2.99)
•Wild West Show Rosa Acosta Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
•Northern Lights Dynamic Theme ($2.99)



•Bakugan: Defenders Of The Core ($19.99)
•Z.H.P.: Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman ($29.99)
•WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011 ($39.99)

•Flick Fishing – Minis ($4.99)

Add-on Content

•LittleBigPlanet PSP – Costumes of Killzone ($0.99)
•Piyotama PSP: Halloween Skin (free)

Games Videos

•The Tester Season 2 Preview Episode

PlayStation Plus

Exclusive Content

•Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare Pack (PlayStation Plus price $7.99, original price $9.99)
•Red Dead Redemption – Legends and Killers Pack (PlayStation Plus price $7.99, original price $9.99)
•Red Dead Redemption – Liars and Cheats Pack (PlayStation Plus price $7.99, original price $9.99)

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