New PS3 Found Sneaking Around South America

That’s right folks, a wild PlayStation 3 (PS3) has been spotted floating around Brazil, but the story doesn’t end there. Documents have been leaked out to the public by Anatel, showing model numbers, specifications, and even an official document created by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEA).

The document declares the product to be identical to its counterparts featured in the docket. Unfortunately they’ve left out the signature at the bottom of the page and blurred out names of the people involved in the document. But the evidence is insurmountable and Sony has refused to respond to press inquiries about these new PlayStation 3‘s for Brazil.

The new PlayStation 3s come in 3 flavors, 16GB, 250GB, and finally a monster 500GB. I don’t know who Sony believes is going to buy the 16GB version. Half the demos on the PlayStation Network (PSN) are over a gigabyte, not to mention the large updates that sometimes force you to delete some data to install them properly.

Original Source: techblogAnatel
Alt. Sources: joystick

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