PS3 3D Display Debuting in the Fall

  • You might want to do a spell check…

  • Sooooooooo it’s NOT a TV?

  • sakyue1993

    I like the Samsung brand in particular, but I want cinema 3D technology for my TV.

  • kass9191

    I have plugged in my pc to my Sony 3D Tv and I can’t seem to get the Side-by-side option to work. I have tried it via usb (with smaller media files) on my bluray player and tv, it works, but not when I hook up my PS3 or my desktop for larger files to the Tv. Can someone please help? Thank you.

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    I am considering buying a 3d tv and I have an xbox. I know that some ps3 games can do two player full screen (where each player has a different pair of 3d glasses and sees their own full screen). Can xbox do this too?

  • Christopher J

    I have a 42 inch Vizio 3d tv. And everytime I want to play a 3d video game or watch a 3d movie, I am not able to turn on the game mode. It won’t even let me select it. With out it on, it make my 3d games lag and gives my 3d movies that soap opera effect that I hate. Any way to fix the problem? Thanks.