PS Vita Spotlight | Muramasa Rebirth

Thanks to Playstation Plus, many of you have already sunk your teeth into yet another visual feast by Vanillaware. In Muramasa Rebirth, you are thrust into the unforgiving Genroku Period of Japanese history as you fight your way through demons and powerful monsters while collecting awesome blades and weapons. Originally released on the Wii as Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Rebirth is a reimagining that shines on the Vita with Vanillaware’s signature hand drawn art and intuitive controls. The music is gloriously composed and written by famed anime composer Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Even explosions are beautiful

This game is simply a must-have for any Vita owner who’s looking for an addicting game that just happens to be gorgeous to look at; just be sure to dial up the difficulty when you start since the game has a tendency to become really easy fairly quickly. If you love games like Odin Sphere or Dragon’s Crown, you will absolutely adore Muramasa Rebirth and out of the three, I can confidently say that Rebirth is the prettiest; which is saying a lot. Make sure your Playstation Plus subscription is active and download Muramasa Rebirth today. Go Now.

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