PS Vita Slim Coming to US this Spring

If you’re a fan of skinny things – particularly your handheld gaming consoles – then you’ll like this news. Sony has announced that the PS Vita Slim – already available in Japan and the UK – is coming to the US this Spring, packaged with a PS Vita version of Borderlands 2 and an 8GB memory card for $200.


For comparison’s sake, the original Vita launched in the US in 2011, without a packed-in memory card, and cost either $249 or $299, depending on whether you wanted 3G capability built in. The device struggled against Nintendo’s 3DS, but a subsequent price cut and steady stream of games (helped by PS Plus) have helped it stay afloat.

The newer model replaces the original’s fan-favorite OLED screen with a cheaper LCD screen, and touts a slimmer form-factor and better battery life. A trailer for the new PS Vita Slim is below. Let us know: will you be picking up a PS Vita Slim?

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