PS Plus Update For September

Hey everybody, the latest goodies for Playstation Plus members has been released and expect a ton of free stuff and discounts galore!

Here are some highlights on what to expect.

With today’s network update, members will receive a free copy of PopCap’s smash hit tower defense titles, Plants vs Zombies, as well as Astro Tripper and Altered Beast.

And don’t forget the discounts either, as several free avatars and a free theme will be available. The discounts will come in levels, as three Minis have been reduced by 20% (Alpha Mission, T.N.K. III and Vanguard II). Also 25% off The Impossible Game and a amazing 40% off Armageddon Riders.

Later next week, BulletStorm will go into full trial mode for members and the MotorStorm Apocalypse “Premiere Pack Bundle” will be discounted by 20%.

There’s much more through-out the following weeks. Find it over at the US PS Blog. (Thanks Guys)

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