Pro Wrestling X: State of the Union

  • gothic.skittles


  • Con Orpe

    I’m joining my high school wrestling team and its the first at this school. I was wondering what moves and pins are legal in pro wrestling that can be used in high school.

  • joevsyou

    The heels (pro wrestling villain) get all greedy, macho, grim, blood thirsty and all downright power hungry to boost their ego while the faces (pro wrestling hero) continue to be naive, but there needs to be a someone who fights by brain and gadgets not by brawn and spy on John Laurinaitis and Eric Bischoff.

  • SKATEskum

    It’s a straight forward question that I won’t be putting into much detail. Feel free to use past or recent examples and your insights on how much “verbal agreements” have affected a company or the overall business.

    BQ: With the exception of a wrestler’s death, which moment to you, in all Pro Wrestling is a “tear jerker”? I’m basically asking which moment in Pro Wrestling as made you tear up or cry. Don’t be intimidated to admit there was a moment.

    All detailed answers are appreciated and helpful.

  • Nathan B

    When was the first ever blindfold match held in Pro Wrestling? Which wrestlers participated in the very first blindfold match? Does anyone know who came up with the concept of a blindfold match?

    I was curious since I watched a blindfold match last week on NWA Hollywood. It was the first blindfold match I had watched in many years.

  • nick s

    Before a wrestler starts to work in a pro wrestling industry , do they need to know amature wrestling first? Or is it like wwe’s Tough Enough and that teaches the rookies how be be a pro wrestler?