Prey’s Launch Date Comes In A Trailer Filled With Alien Carnage

Eager for some space horror? Arkane Studios released a new Prey trailer that unveils its release date, May 5. Get ready to face the shadows that haunt the Talos I space station.

Prey is seen as a reboot of the original title from 2006, by Human Head Studios. It was created from a modified Doom 3 engine and proved to be a success, but the sequel didn’t manage to come through. After 10 years, Bethesda revived its development and put Arkane Studios in charge of a spiritual reboot that carries a whole new setting.

Dark Experiments Bring Chaos to Prey

In an alternative timeline where John F. Kennedy  survived the assassination attempt, the space race went an extra step into extraterrestrial research. After a satellite invaded by a deep space alien race named Typhon was contained, the huge Talos I space station was built around it. Its sole purpose is to further investigate this race’s strange abilities and experiment in human enhancements with them. It seems scientists weren’t too careful, cause mayhem unleashed in the facility when this creatures that look like they came out of Prototype escaped.


You’re in control of Morgan Yu, one of the experimental subjects on board. The protagonist’s gender depends on your pick. When the game starts, you wake up in a pretty inconvenient situation, the prison-research facility was overrun by violent shape-shifting beings. With a little help from an arsenal and your new neuro-modifications, you need to stop this beings from escaping containment and reaching the earth.

Everything’s out there to kill you in Prey. And we mean it. The Typhon can take the form of any object around you, hiding strategically. It’s not gonna be as funny as Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt, but fear inducing and tense. However, as you uncover the inhuman research carried at Talos I you’ll find even more new mind-bending abilities to counter the extraterrestrial. We can see in the trailer how Morgan turns himself into a sentry turret, or throws around objects with telekinesis.

The gigantic space station will require lots of exploration and revisits; its somber hallways hold the remains of a dangerous project. Moreover, since the alien pandemonium struck hard, you’ll also have to take some outer space routes to cut distances. With little of what’s left of its human inhabitants, players will battle through what’s now not Typhon’s prison, but their own, to save humanity.

Prey is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This new installment in the sci-fi horror genre arrives with great confidence to try settle between great games like Dark Space and Doom.

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