Press Start | What We Played for Week 26

Welcome fanatics to Press Start! This is a weekly editorial that dives into what we here at The Game Fanatics have been playing. No spoilers on the newer games that we’re playing but we will give you a quick insight on how good or bad it is. Games will range from retro to new, casual to FPS, we play it all!


Another weekend of double exp in SWTOR. When I wasn’t playing Star Wars, I was playing Deadpool. The game is a lot of fun and a must play for Deadpool fans. I wanted to try to beat it on my days off, but I couldn’t pass up double exp. I also played some DDR on the original XBox and I also played some Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.


This week, I reviewed the PlayStation 3 port of Hotline Miami, which you can read here, and spent a lot of time in Minecraft on Xbox 360.


I continued to put daily time into Animal Crossing for no real reason. Also, I played through Pikmin 2 to get ready for the new one. I still think it is one of the best sequels ever. It takes everything from the first game and expands and adds to it in all the right ways. Super fun.


I enjoyed what little free time I’ve had this week in Halo 4’s War Games. I spent most of the time in Team Action Sack and Capture The Flag. CTF still is one of my favorite playlists but once I’ve gotten my Vanguard armor (less than 150 wins to go) I’ll be taking a break from CTF. Action Sack is just plain fun still. If you haven’t tried Mini Slayer yet, it’s a must. It adds quite some hilarity to the classic Slayer game mode. Very quick as well.


I played Animal Crossing on and off all week. I spent most of my time on my second play through of The Last of Us on Survivor mode. No listen mode is freakin’ nuts and overall Survivor is just freakin’ difficult. I got a handful of matches online in Factions with Matt as well. Really fun multiplayer. I also got a good chunk of playtime with a few iPad games. I pulled out Real Racing 3, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, and some Word Lab along with a bit of Dead Trigger. All of those are free to play except for Kingdom Rush, so give them a whirl.


Playing tons of Project X Zone. My gosh, that game is great. So many characters from different franchises together. I’ll say more about it when I beat it. Downloaded and played and beat Vegas Stakes (Wii U VC). It’s a gambling game for the SNES that I really enjoyed back in the day. Made me think of and hope they possibly might release Casino Kid. I played that a lot on the NES.


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