Press Start! This is What We Played for Week 24

Welcome fanatics to Press Start! This is a weekly editorial that dives into what we here at The Game Fanatics have been playing. No spoilers on the newer games that we’re playing but we will give you a quick insight on how good or bad it is. Games will range from retro to new, casual to FPS, we play it all!


I finally (after 90hrs, 19min) finished Persona 4 Golden, also beat Little Big Planet Vita and two of the three Gravity Rush DLC‘s, now onto Uncharted: Golden Abyss! On the PS3 I played through and finished Spec Ops: The Line, it was fantastic and may have the best story for a shooter ever played. I also started Ni No Kuni but only until I got my hands on The Last of Us and, although I have my issues with it, Naughty Dog delivered another A+ title.


I finally beat New Super Mario Bros. 2 early in the week. Fun game. Now I wait for Project X Zone for the 3DS. I also played a little bit of theatrhythm Final Fantasy on the 3DS and Dance Dance Revolution UltraMix 2 for the original XBox. And of course I put in some time in playing SWTOR.

This is Halye. She's a Bounty Hunter.
This is Halye. She’s a Bounty Hunter.


Started Sleeping Dogs (thanks, PS Plus) and I’m digging it. GTA meets Hong Kong with a basic fighting system. Meanwhile, drooling over all the games shown off at E3 that I can’t afford.


DMC: Devil May Cry, Halo 4, and Red Dead Redemption. How did I fit E3 in all that?!? Oh, right, Minecraft. I guess I didn’t fit E3 into all that.


Still trying to get back into gaming for longer than an hour a night, I ended up spending Father’s Day playing a good three hours of Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes with my son. I dabbled into some Dragons Dogma and jumped back into Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception. I forgot how amazing the set pieces for this game were, especially the plane falling apart while in mid flight!


I played Skyrim this week! I was able to get back on track and am now finishing my what to get 100% completion again. I got some more Halo 4 time in again. Still enjoying the hell out of the game.


Played quite a bit this week. Proud to say I have beaten Oracle of Seasons linked with Ages. Both are great classic adventures. That leaves one Zelda title I have yet to play and beat (even though I own a copy).


Since Mega Man was announced to be in the new Smash Bros, Mega Man 2-4 became available on the Wii U VC. I downloaded and beat all 3 (each for the millionth time). Mega Man 3 is my favorite of the classic series since I owned that and only rented the rest.


Yoshi (Wii U VC) also came out for 30 cents. I suck at puzzle games. That was reinforced when I played Tetris DS with friends. We also played Mario Kart Wii. Not my favorite Mario Kart, but I don’t remember it being as bad as it was when we played.

And speaking of Mario Kart, I got to try the Mario Kart 8 demo since the Best Buy Nintendo Experience was in town. You can read all about that experience in the article I wrote here.

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