Press Start: What We Played for Week 37

Hello Fanatics and welcome to another Press Start! This is our weekly segment where we here at The Game Fanatics go into what we’ve been playing this past week. Don’t worry, we won’t post any spoilers.


I have been doing a lot of jumping through my Steam library this week. Trying to find something to hold my ADD riddled attention. I am still playing LoL, as well as Warframe. It is nice to take a break from competitive gaming once and awhile to work cooperatively with friends. I have also been doing the MMO shuffle, jumping from Tera, to Rift, Neverwinter, and Defiance. I am reaching the burnout point on Defiance but want to finish the main story. Tera Is very pretty and has a incredibly unique world. And of course Neverwinter is always good for a quick gaming session. I will get back to you on Rift.


I went back this week to Uncharted 2, playing a little online co-op with Nick Keogan. I’ve also been able to finish Sony Bend’s Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and made it through Wipeout 2048‘s first championship. It’s a fantastic racer so far.


Hit one year on Guild Wars 2 and have been enjoying the anniversary items they give you. I received a scroll to level any character to level 20 and I used only Mesmer, which is by far my favorite class in GW2. Of course most of this fun will come to a halt as soon as GTAV is released…


Lots more of FFXIV. Just trying out a few more classes, doing dungeons, fighting giant monsters. Ya know, the usual. Seriously, being able to switch to any class with the same character is really awesome, especially when each class feels different and is fun to play. PS. GTAV can suck it. Waiting for the next gen or PC version to be announced before I care.


I agree with Ben. I rather wait and get GTA V for Xbox One. Doesn’t make sense to pick up the game now when I’m getting the next gen system in November. Plus, I’m not that excited for GTA V. Loved Vice City and San Andreas but then I started to get bored after GTA IV. Then I started to get into the Saints Row series. Love how they allow me to create my own character. Still unsure why Rockstar decided on three main male characters when they could have thrown in a female character as one of the main three. I got the urge to play the Endless Setlist in Rock Band 3 at 2am in the morning. Not a good idea when I have to work the next day. Also found out that one song was removed and I can no longer get the “Live Free…” achievement. Guess I shouldn’t have taken so long to try to get it since it was so simple. Can we get a patch, please? I’m going to miss playing Rock Band once the next generation comes out. I’m still keeping my Xbox 360 and the games but how am I going to play on my profile once the Xbox One comes out? Am I going to have to keep switching profiles? Played more of SWTOR, trying to finish the story arc of my Imperial Agent. Got her to level 41, so I am almost there. I got Madden 25, the collector’s edition. I wanted to give my father-in-law the DirecTV offer for his birthday. But they haven’t called to activated and I’ve been hearing that DirecTV has been having issues with the service. I am having fun playing Madden since it has been awhile but I don’t want to pay $100 to play it. I also played a little bit of Legend on Dungeon, which is super fun and DDR on my Xbox. Sadly, the audio is going out on the Xbox so I might have to pick one up so I can continue playing DDR for that system.

My master sniper, Valtah. Yes, she can kill you from far away and up close.
My master sniper, Valtah. Yes, she can kill you from far away and up close.
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