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Welcome to Press Start! This is a weekly segment where we dive into what we at The Game Fanatics have been playing this past week.

Matt A.:

I’m getting caught up on Xbox Live‘s “Games with Gold” titles. Beat Defense Grid (a real brain-hurter), just finished dominating Halo 3‘s campaign on Legendary (solo), and am almost done with Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. I should probably be productive now.


Finished up Spec Ops. I get the hype but it didn’t live up to it for me. There’s some twists and stuff that are great but I think the writing and maybe the presentation (in terms of acting/animation) doesn’t live up to the plot. I’m continuing through Pokémon. What can I say? It’s Pokémon. I also finished up a Dead Space playthrough I started almost a year ago. It’s still a great game and now I can finally move on to the second one.


I’ve finally finished my Imperial Agent’s story in SWTOR. This means every single story arc has been completed! I think I might write up an editorial on this. Now it is time to get back to Grand Theft Auto Online and start up Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD.

Nick P.:

I had never played an Assassin’s Creed game, but I finally gave the series a shot with ACII (it was free on Xbox Live a couple months ago). The game’s hybridization of action and semi open-world genres stays fresh after several hours. Games like this and the Batman Arkham series are benchmarks for next-gen experiences like Watch Dogs and The Division.


I gave in and purchased a 3DS and Pokemon X. As a long time Pokemon fan this is definitely a great change in the series and such a great time for long time fans to get back on. Trading with players and battling is easier than ever! Along with Pokemon X I have still been playing Guild Wars 2 and really learning the ropes of running dungeons. I have began playing NinoKuni on PS3 and am really enjoying it, the story, graphics, and gameplay are great!

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