Presidents Face Off In: Uncle Slam

Starting tomorrow, December 16th,  you can pit your favorite presidents against each other in this new iOS game: Uncle Slam.

Uncle Slam tells the story of Uncle Slam trying to find a worthy successor to the name by making the presidents fight each other— ‘gentleman’s boxing’ style. The game currently has nine presidents to choose from but more will arrive post-launch. Each president has a distinctive fighting style as well as a ‘Presidential Power’ that is something like a special move.

Uncle Slam features a local multiplayer mode as well as a single player campaign.

Check out this video to see how dilighfully bizarre this game looks.

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Uncle Slam will be available tomorrow on iPad for $4.99.

[toggle_simple title=”Full Press Release” width=”Width of toggle box”]Handelabra Studio Officially Releases Uncle Slam

iPad fighting game pits U.S. presidents against each other in rock-em, sock-em boxing match

CLEVELAND, Dec. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Handelabra Studio, a Cleveland-based mobile software company, is launching its long awaited game, Uncle Slam on Friday, Dec. 16, on the App Store. Available for $4.99, Uncle Slam himself is pitting president against president in gentleman’s boxing. His quest begins to find the leader of all leaders who is worthy to take up the mantle of “Uncle Slam.”

Ding, Ding, Ding… Round 1

The idea for Uncle Slam was originally conceived by Handelabra’s development lead, John Arnold, during Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference. The not-so-famous quote from a conference speaker that led to the Uncle Slam concept was, “You need your art style to be consistent. You can’t have Abraham Lincoln sporting a pink Mohawk.” Challenge accepted.

Round 2

From there, the concept became a boxing-style game that puts a fun spin on United States history. Players choose from nine presidents with interesting facts about each one, such as William Howard Taft being the largest man ever to be president. This comes in handy when selecting which president to use in battle. Through the coming months, Handelabra plans to add every president to the roster via In App Purchase.

Round 3

Handelabra first showed off a prototype of Uncle Slam to gamers at PAX East in March 2011. Because of the positive feedback from players, the Handelabra team decided to fully develop the game. Each character has a distinctive fighting style based on their physical prowess. They also have a unique “Presidential Power” designed to reflect something significant from their presidency or folklore. For example, George Washington will use a cherry tree to damage an opponent.

Knockout Punch

Uncle Slam offers both a great, local multi-player mode as well as single-player campaigns for each president to complete on their way to ultimate victory.

“We wanted to create a fun game that’s easy to pick up and play, but also offers depth to keep you playing,” said Jeremy Handel, owner of Handelabra Studio. “Using physics-based gameplay, Uncle Slam enables a dynamic boxing experience that responds directly to the touch-based controls. We think this offers a more fun experience than the typical ‘virtual buttons’ that are used by many iOS fighting games on the market.”

Compatible with iPads 1 and 2 using iOS 5, the game launches with nine presidents initially and more will be available for $.99 each or discounted in packs of five. Complete all single-player campaigns to fight as Uncle Slam himself.

Handelabra is also launching its new Couplett photo app on Friday, Dec. 16. The app, available on the App Store, is easy to use and takes a front-facing and rear-facing photo at the same time to create a fun composition.

Handelabra Studio is a mobile software company centered in Cleveland, Ohio, and Halifax, Nova Scotia, with satellites in Utah, Texas and Massachusetts. The company currently has seven products available for download on the App Store. To learn more about Handelabra Studio and its products, visit[/toggle_simple]

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