Pre-Order Bonuses for The Amazing Spider-Man Announced

  • Sircam

    Im sure you had fun writing this article eh? 😉

  • Amy Lemaster

    I acquired a x box 360 like in January and there is no warranty on it
    just yesterday i received the rrod do you feel i can get it back

    i dont have a receipt

  • Tia Zuehlke

    People often criticize piracy because people play games without paying the developers of the game, hurting the industry and making them less likely to keep making games. That seems like fair criticism to me, but doesn’t buying a game at a used games store like Gamestop do the exact same thing? Paying Gamestop for a physical copy does not seem very different from getting a digital copy for free, if no money goes to the game’s publisher and developer either way.

  • Elyn Patchman

    I ordered a PS3 and Valkyria Chronicles early Monday morning, about 2 in the morning.
    I paid for overnight shipping. Gamestop says one business day to transit, one day to process.
    So I should get it by Wednesday, right?
    I’ve been reading that people have a lot of problems with Gamestop online orders, but I checked to make sure my shipping address and billing address match, which they do.
    How long will it take to verify my information?

  • Cecilia Osburn

    Can you sell parts to GameStop too? Like a disc tray from a PlayStation, or something like that?

  • vanvark83

    I have a GameStop gift card and I want to purchase a digital download of NFL Blitz for PS3 through GameStop’s website.

    Exactly what steps are involved in this transaction/download process?

  • hank baseballs

    I preordered Medal of Honor on Friday the 8th and it was released on Tuesday the 12th. I put ten dollars on it when i preodered it but ill only be able to pay it off and pick it up on Thursday the 14th. Will Gamestop hold it for two days after the release day?

  • Milk84

    Two massive brands are about to combine, what new superheroes could be created by combining Disney and Marvel heroes. 10 points to the best answer and a 3 day time limit.

  • stealspartansbcglobalnet

    What is the relationship between Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Activision? I was just curious because I know that all 3 are related to the COD series and I was wondering who has the final say in what goes into the COD games?
    I thought that Activision was involved in every COD game. It appears that Infinity Ward and Treyarch switch every time, but Activision is in the loading screen every time. So what is the relationship between the 3 companies?

  • ericmreitz

    Straight out of the box the strum bar on the guitar was extremely squeaky and it is very annoying. I was wondering how i could send it back in return for a new one. The store i bought it from won’t return it either. I also went to the activision website for support and i tried sending them an email type thing and i don’t think it went through!


    It’s basically the same game each year and people still buy it , they don’t even care that it’s the same game. I bet Activision laughing at all the people who bought their re-skin game.

  • Smashing Pumpkins

    i was wondering cause call of duty is the only thing i c that sold millions from activision … another question , who owns call of duty anyway cause back then i saw that two developers are working on cod series treyarc and infintyward are they partners or something or activision owns them both? do u think that call off duty series will die because of activision for firing the two head of infinty ward?

  • ConfusionnaJob

    When will Activision release cheats for the Wii version of Goldeneye 007?

  • hank baseballs

    Is there a date out yet from Activision about Modern Warfare 3? And are there any trailers or previews?

  • Ryan Z

    My world of war xbox game has a crack on the center which has caused it to be unable to play so i am wondering if activision has a disc replacement program like microsoft does

  • Orbit

    I really want to buy transformers fall of cybertron for pc but its only for digital download i am afraid to give my debit card number to activision because what if theye sight gets hacked and someone steels my debit card number

  • John G

    I hear this on lots of sites on the internet is it true?

  • Mak Sultan

    I love the realism EA brings to sports and the detail to shooting Activision gave COD 4. A new paintball game would be awesome. I know paintball video games aren’t exactly popular but I think if they actually come out w/ a good one, people will buy it, I know i will. NPPL championship paintball looks fun but it did get a 4.9 on IGN. Who here agrees?

  • liza

    I think the Black Ops story is great and I understand the whole campaign. I want to see if he dies or really doesn’t die but hiding. Many rumours in this game too. You think Activision should make a DLC how he escapes or tried to escape and died bravely?
    Sorry…Treyarch made the game